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Chapter 387: Magical Beast from the Rumours (2)

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A faint red light shrouded Mount Kuluo and they could see that the glow was concentrated at the peak.

It must have been the powerful fire elements that had gradually spread downward from the top of the mountain.

When surrounded by such intense fire elements, the mens breathing became rapid as they breathed in the warm air.

“We would meet the Phoenix soon, and I hope that everyone would do their best to help me take it down.

I only require its heart, and so you can freely distribute the other parts amongst yourselves.” The client decided to reiterate that huge point for the men he had hired for the mission.

The most intriguing item for that mission would be the eighth-grade magical core.

Furthermore, that was not any ordinary magical core.

It was one from a Phoenix that they had only heard in rumors, and its value would far exceed those from a typical high-level magical beast.

“Since weve accepted the mission, rest assured that we will give it our all,” one of the mercenary leaders said with a dignified expression.

However, the excitement that flickered on his face had exposed his real emotions.

“Then I would like to express my thanks.

If you can help me to obtain the Phoenixs heart, I promise that I will increase an extra twenty percent in all of your rewards.” The client enticed them with an even better bait, and the group of mercenaries immediately burst into a frenzy.

The client had already promised them a great reward for that mission, and he had just added another twenty percent to that fee! That mission was definitely worth it!

All the mercenaries bumped their fists as they got ready to fight their way through the mission.

Then they rushed toward the peak of Mount Kuluo with strong and large strides.

People would die for wealth the way birds would die for food.

For those gold coins, all of them could do nothing but charged forward!

The thousand men team accelerated their pace as they marched toward Mount Kuluo at an amazing speed.

Those mercenaries were so blinded by greed that they did not notice the cruel and disdainful smile on the clients face as they rushed forth.

However, someone had noticed the clients expression.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and looked at the group of people who had followed the client.

Even though the client had recovered his usual calmness, the emotions that he revealed sounded the warning bells in her mind.

She predicted that the men were not there to deal with the Phoenix.

Instead, she had a feeling that the client had them there for another reason.

Shen Yanxiao quickly made her way to Du Langs side and whispered, “Leader Du, tell your men to stay at the back when we encounter the Phoenix.

They were not to fight it head-on.

If you think that you cannot defeat it, tell your men to retreat from the mountain.”

Du Lang was shocked.

Shen Yanxiao had given him such strange advice.

She did not want them to clash with the Phoenix head-on, and she wanted them to retreat if something was amiss Had she discovered something he did not

“Huo Xiao, do you know something I dont” Du Lang asked in a low voice.

Shen Yanxiao furrowed her eyebrows.

The clients motives were still unclear, and if their objective was not the Phoenix, then she had to pay extra attention to their movements.

However, Du Lang had a lot of men with him.

If they were to retreat at the same time, then it would arouse the clients suspicion.

After all, she had wanted them to flee before they encountered the Phoenix.

She also knew that it would damage the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups reputation if they were to escape without a fight.

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