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Chapter 389: The Phoenixs Glory (1)

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Other than Shen Yanxiao, who loved money as much as air, no other person would perform such a crazy act.

Shen Yanxiao trailed behind those men in black, and she had cleverly concealed her tracks.

She had the Moonlight Necklace.

Even if a Great Archmagus like Ouyang Huanyu were to appear, he would not have sensed her presence, let alone those ordinary mercenaries.

After she concealed her aura, with her skills, it was as easy as pie to keep out of everyones sight.

The client was a cautious man.

He had stopped for about four to five times within ten minutes to check if they had been followed.

He would only move once he ensured their safety.

Unfortunately, his detection skills were only akin to the standard of a kindergarten kid, and it posed no difficulty to Shen Yanxiao.

As they neared Mount Kuluo, the dense forest was covered in a red fog that was condensed by the fire elements.

The men in black suddenly stopped in their tracks before they moved to conceal themselves at the edge of the forest.

There was a massive cave in front of them, and fire elements had continuously poured out from within the cave.

Shen Yanxiao stayed hidden on a thick tree branch.

She squinted her eyes to look at the massive cave.

As she breathed in the fire elements that surged around her, she was reminded of the first time she entered the Vermilion Birds lair.

That was definitely the Phoenixs nest!

Shen Yanxiaos eyes brightened at that moment.

She saw a few stalks of Flame Grass at the caves entrance that swayed with the wind!

That was her real objective for that trip!

If it were not for the dozens of men in black hidden in the forest, Shen Yanxiao would most probably make her way there to grab all of the Flame Grass.

The problem was, why did those men hide at the edge of the forest

Did they still want the Phoenix

Shen Yanxiao furrowed her eyebrows.

Those men did not take any further action.

It looked like they were there to wait for something.

Shen Yanxiao decided to observe silently as a wave of noisy footsteps sounded nearby.

The mercenaries had reached the mountain top, and they had already made their way toward the Phoenixs nest.

Before they arrived, all of them had summoned their magical beasts.

Thousands of magical beasts stayed by their masters side as they proceeded toward the peak of the mountain.

There were about two thousand men and magical beasts as they marched noisily toward Mount Kuluos summit.

That was the first time that Shen Yanxiao had seen so many magical beasts together.

If she had not seen that, she would not have remembered that everyone in that world possessed a magical beast of their own.

No students or teachers were allowed to summon their magical beasts while they were in Saint Laurent Academy.

The school had wanted to train the students abilities so that they would not have to rely on their magical beasts.

However, one could not deny that the scene with a thousand magical beasts was spectacular, indeed!

Most of those magical beasts were low-level, and Shen Yanxiao could only see a few intermediate-level ones.

Unfortunately, there was not a single high-level magical beast within that group.

The people in the Brilliance Continent could get their own magical beast from the age of ten.

Most of those magical beasts were either hunted by the head of their family or purchased from shops.

However, most of the mercenaries did not have a family.

Otherwise, they would not have chosen such a high-risk career.

None of them would have had a strong family background, so they could not have obtained a powerful magical beast in their youth.

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