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Chapter 390: The Phoenixs Glory (2)

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The magical beasts were the mercenaries secondary fighting force, and they would summon them before the fight began.

In the blink of an eye, a team of a thousand men and a thousand magical beasts had rushed toward the Phoenixs nest.

The mercenaries looked excited, instead of anxious or scared.

Even though a high-level magical beast was a troublesome target for them, they had the numbers to deal with it.

It was like using chickens to deal with an eighth-ranked magical beast.

A few of the mercenary leaders were eager to lead their group to the frontline as they wanted a piece of that fat juicy pie.

“Leader! Is that the Phoenixs nest” One of the mercenaries looked at the massive cave with excitement.

The entrance of the cave was even higher than the Mercenary Guild, and it seemed remarkably majestic.

The fire element that spread throughout the surrounding area was an affirmation that the Phoenix was inside the cave.

“That should be it.

I didnt expect to see a Phoenix in real life.

All of you had better be more attentive.

After we have dealt with the Phoenix, be shrewd and take whatever you can grab.

Do you hear me” That mercenary leader barked his orders to clean the battlefield.

It seemed as though they were not concerned about the Phoenix.

“Leader, why have the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group retreated to the back” A certain mercenary with sharp eyes had stretched his neck as he looked at Du Lang and his group at the back.

That mercenary leader quirked his eyebrows and glanced at Du Langs direction.

He smirked with disapproval.

“Why do you care about them Its good that they are hiding at the back.

More items for us then!”

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups performance during the journey had caused uneasiness among the other mercenaries leaders.

Thus, it was great news to hear that Du Lang had led his group to the back of the group!

After Du Lang led the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group to the back, he stared at the entrance of the cave with caution.

He could sense powerful fire elements that radiated from that cave.

It was so much more violent than any other fire-elemental magical beast that he had ever seen!

“It seems like Huo Xiaos conjecture isnt without reason,” Du Lang muttered.

“Leader, what did you say What of Huo Xiaos conjecture Why did you keep me here Didnt you assign me to ensure his safety I cant find him anywhere.

Dont tell me he has lost his way” Evil Wolf, who had taken the role of a babysitter throughout the journey, was filled with dread as he heard Du Langs soft mutters.

He had scanned the entire group, but he did not even manage to find Shen Yanxiaos silhouette.

He felt uneasy as he was so used to his role as the kids babysitter.

Du Lang glanced at Evil Wolf and said, “You dont have to care about his whereabouts, for now.

Just follow my order and stay here.” Huo Xiao did not provide any explanation for his departure, but Du Lang knew that he must have had things that he had to do.

Therefore, he would not divulge his whereabouts to anyone.

Evil Wolf felt depressed.

He had not been willing to play the role of a babysitter, but his leader had forced Huo Xiao on him.

Just when he had started to take accountability for his part, Du Lang had asked him to stay there.

Furthermore, he found that his leader had acted strangely.

He did not command them to the frontlines, and he even ordered them to linger at the back of the group.

It was not how the leader of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group would usually behave!

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