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Chapter 395: This is an Egg (1)

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Shen Yanxiao remained hidden in the shadows, but she was also dumbstruck as the scene unfolded.

One had left, and another had appeared.

She wondered about the **ty luck that the men in black must have had to encounter such an unfortunate incident.

Furthermore, it looked like they had already done a round of investigation on the Phoenixs nest.

They had made preparations based on the information that they had received.

However, they did not expect to see another Phoenix at such a crucial point in their plan!

Shen Yanxiao prayed for those men in black.

It was apparent that the heavens had wanted to go against them!

“No wonder the fire elements on Mount Kuluo are so strange.

It looks like there are two of them, and they are a pair.

The one outside is the male, and this is the female,” Xiu explained.

Shen Yanxiao carefully observed the female Phoenix.

The female Phoenix had a smaller physique when compared to its male counterpart.

One could also see the golden feathers on the males tail.

If one were not attentive, one might not notice the difference between both of them.

After all, they looked almost identical.

“Id like to see how they would handle the situation.” Their predicament was similar to the idiom, to try to steal a chicken only to lose the rice used to lure it.

Shen Yanxiao laughed discreetly at those men in black.

They had a brilliant plan, and yet they could not have predicted that.

The men in black looked to be helpless in the presence of a mythical beast.

Otherwise, they would not need to find so many men to lure it away.

Since they encountered another Phoenix, they had to abandon their initial plan and flee.

Even though they might not have the skills to deal with the magical beast, they could still make a run for it.

Therefore, the moment they realized that their plan had failed, they immediately escaped toward different directions.

The method might not guarantee everyones safety, but the Phoenix would not be able to go after all of them.

At least, that way, some of them would survive the ordeal.

How could the Phoenix stop its pursuit when the humans went in all directions It could only stretch its wings and chase toward one direction.

Unfortunately, it had set its eyes on the handsome leader of that group of men in black.

Shen Yanxiao followed their departure with her eyes, and she could only sigh in relief when they were gone.

“Man proposes, but God disposes.

They should have been more prepared beforehand, but they did not expect such a variable to appear so suddenly.” Even though her words were of regret, that little thiefs tone did not contain a single hint of pity.

Instead, she sounded as if she was gloating.

Those men were not kind souls anyway.

To achieve their objectives, they had decided to manipulate the lives of a thousand mercenaries.

One could already infer their nature from that single action.

It was time for her to make a move, and her thoughts became active again.

Before she proceeded with her plan, she decided to be more prepared, and so she summoned the Vermillion Bird.

As long as she had the Vermillion Bird, she would not have to worry, even if there were another Phoenix in the cave.

“Do you need me for something again” The Vermillion Bird crossed his arms and lifted his chin.

His tilted eyes arrogantly as he looked at his master, and his tone was of one who bore a grudge.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and extended her fingers to stroke the Vermilion Birds feathers.

With a coaxing tone, she said, “Of course.

My Vermilion Bird is an ancient mythical beast, so obviously, I will have to rely on you in crucial times.”

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