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Chapter 397: This is an Egg (3)

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It was already an amazing feat if someone from an ordinary family could get a mid-level magical beast, and it went without saying that only influential families could procure a high-level magical beast for their children.

As for mythical-level magical beasts, they were so rare that not even the royalty could get their hands on one so easily.

If the ancestors of the five great aristocratic families in the Longxuan Empire did not have an agreement with the five mythical beasts, they would not have been able to get into a contract with them.

The Phoenix would have the same strength as an eighth-ranked magical beast the moment it was born.

When they reached adulthood, then they would ascend to the same status as a mythical beast.

If a powerful magical creature were to appear in the world, it would always lead to a bloodbath!

A magical beast that had almost reached a mythical-level; who could resist such temptation

“A pair of Phoenix could only birth an offspring once a millennium.

This must be their egg, and it looks like it would hatch soon.

At this point, both of its parents would guard the nest to ensure its survival,” Xiu explained.

Even though they were in a fiery hot spot, his voice remained as cold as ice.

Shen Yanxiao seemed to be lost in her thoughts as she listened to his explanation.

She had not only seen the Phoenixes that she had only heard in legends, could she possibly witness the birth of one too


Shen Yanxiao looked at that half a palm-sized egg, then at the two massive nests and quietly asked, “Arent phoenixes quite large in size Why is their child… Why is it so small”

There seemed to be no difference between a Phoenixs egg and a normal chicken one!

After a moment of silence, Xiu said, “Youve seen the true appearance of the Vermilion Bird.

Do you think it is comparable to his current appearance”

The Vermilion Birds true appearance…

Shen Yanxiao looked into the distance.

The Vermilion Birds true appearance was comparable to the two Phoenixes, and as for his current form…

Shen Yanxiao looked at the Vermilion Bird.

However, she gasped when she realized what he had done.

That proud little grandpa had unknowingly gone toward the egg and stared at that little red egg with a curious expression.

He even crouched to stare at the Phoenixs egg with his head askew.

Then, he reached out with his tender fingers to try and poked at it.

“Vermilion Bird, what are you doing” Shen Yanxiao was surprised by what she had seen.

Why did he do that Did he want to eat the egg

In her previous life, she had heard about how other creatures loved eggs.

Wild beasts would often wander around birds nests to find unattended nests so that they could devour the eggs.

However, the Vermilion Bird was also a part of the bird species!

He would not do such a cruel thing, would he

Shen Yanxiao knew that if the Vermilion Bird were to swallow that egg, the two angry Phoenixes outside would probably chase them to the end of the world.

It had taken them a thousand years to produce that egg.

It seemed impossible that they would let the matter go if someone were to eat that egg.

“You have a weird expression on your face.

I am merely curious, and so I came for a closer peek.

Why do you look like I was going to eat it whole” The Vermillion Bird had sensed his masters uneasiness, and he was dumbstruck that she would have such thoughts about him.

He had a curious personality, and he was not one to enjoy eating his species.

The Phoenixes and he belonged to the same species!

While he grumbled about his masters idiotic train of thoughts, he continued to poke at that adorable egg.

As he continued to jab at it, the eggs shell cracked, and he could touch something fluffy the very next second.


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