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Chapter 398: Little Phoenix (1)

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The two Phoenixes chased two groups of people up and down Mount Kuluo.

The fiery mythical-level magical beasts did not give anyone the chance to fight back.

However, just as the two groups ran out of hope, the Phoenixes suddenly stopped chasing after the.

It seemed like the Phoenixes had sensed that something had happened as they abandoned their pursuits.

Then they rushed toward the nest as fast as they could.

The Phoenixes nearly tore the leader apart.

After that near-death experience, he could only look on foolishly as the figures of the Phoenixes gradually became smaller.

“Why did it leave…” At that moment, the leader was drenched in sweat, and his body had been scorched black by the Phoenixs fire.

If it were not for his strength, he would have probably died in the flames.

However, that Phoenix could have killed him immediately, so why did it suddenly abandon that opportunity and turned around to leave

The leader was still puzzled, but he was very grateful for its unusual behavior.

If it were not for that, he would have been turned into a pile of ashes.

Shen Yanxiao and the Vermilion Bird looked as if they had been petrified inside the Phoenixes nest as they stood rooted to the spot while they gazed at a particular direction.

“Chu~ Chu~” A palm-sized little ball of fur uncurled its flurry body in the delicate nest.

Its pair of pitch-black and huge, round eyes stared at the Vermilion Bird in a confused manner.

The red fur around its body had turned it into a ball, and only a small and pointed beak that released soft chirps could be seen.

The little furball blinked its eyes and looked at the two petrified beings before it struggled to rotate its little head that was almost indistinguishable from its body.

With its tiny mouth, it lightly pecked at the finger that poked at it.

The Vermilion Bird shivered for a second, and then he looked at that little creature that had unknowingly broken out of its shell in shock.

The moment his scarlet eyes met with the creatures watery black eyes, the furball suddenly fluttered its thumb-sized wings, and its two petite claws struggled to move forward in the direction of the Vermilion Bird.

The young little creature did not have any strength to fly or run, and its thumb-sized wings were severely out of proportion as compared to its body size.

Those wings were not enough to support the creatures weight.

The furball then pounced onto the Vermilion Birds arm.

Then, a shocking scene transpired.

Just as Shen Yanxiao and the Vermilion Bird were recovering from the shock when they saw the little Phoenix break out of its shell, the little furball latched itself on the Vermilion Birds arm and fluttered its mini-sized wings with excitement.

Its fluffy body also tried to rub on his arm while it released soft and cute chirps.

“Let… Let go!” The Vermilion Bird glared at that koala-like little Phoenix on his arm.

He had never been in such close contact with any magical beast ever since he was born, and it looked like that little creature had practically stuck its entire body on him!

“Chu~” The little Phoenix blinked as it seemed like it did not understand what the Vermilion Bird had said.

After it saw his twisted expression, it happily rubbed against the Vermilion Birds arm, and even its adorable large eyes had narrowed in comfort.


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