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Chapter 399: Little Phoenix (2)

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Shen Yanxiao looked at the little Phoenix that clung onto the Vermilion Bird in astonishment as complicated feelings assaulted her mind.

“Xiu, whats going on” Shen Yanxiao could only ask Xiu about the situation with the baby Phoenix and the Vermillion Bird.

Xiu answered slowly, “When a baby Phoenix hatched from its egg, it would treat the first living things it sees as its parents.

The pair of Phoenixes must have been staying by its side to wait for the egg to hatch.

However, since the Little Phoenix saw the Vermillion Bird the moment it hatched, it must have thought that he was its parent.”

“See the Vermilion Bird as its parent!” Shen Yanxiao was thoroughly struck dumb.

Shen Yanxiao knew that a bird would recognize the first creature they saw to be their parents, and it was something that only birds do.

However, she did not expect that the Vermillion Birds curiosity would match the time that the egg would hatch.

What a coincidence! It had seen the Vermillion Bird the moment it broke out of the shell, and therefore, it thought that he was its parent.

The parent recognition behavior was one matter, and the identity of the Vermillion Bird was another.

If another magical beast had stood in the same spot, the Little Phoenix might not be so sure about its decision.

The problem with that situation was that the Vermilion Bird was also a magical beast with fire elements, and his strength was not inferior to the Phoenixes.

When it sensed the neverending fire-element, the Little Phoenix immediately acknowledged the Vermilion Bird as his parent.

It did that without any hesitation at all.

“Stop joking!” Shen Yanxiaos doubts had attracted the Vermilion Birds attention.

When he heard that the little furry ball thought of him as its parent, he immediately blew up.

Even though he was a mythical beast that had lived for thousands of years, he had always acted independently.

It might establish a contract with another person, but it would only meet other magical beasts on the battlefield.

Other than that, he never had any opportunities to get close to other magical beasts.

A cub had suddenly appeared and accepted him as its parent.

That had given the Vermillion Bird a great shock!

“Let go of me right now, or else dont blame me for my insolence!” The Vermillion Bird roared as if he had touched a hot potato.

If he were not in excessive shock, he would have probably flung the Little Phoenix off him the first chance he got.

Unfortunately, how could a hatchling understand the Vermillion Bird It could only follow its instinct to clung onto the Vermillion Bird as it rubbed its body on him.

It was as if he begged for warmth, and the nourishment from the elements immersed it in happiness.

It might have roared fiercely at the hatchling, but the Little Phoenix did not understand him as it thought of that as some noise.

Then, something else happened that struck them speechless.

It seemed like the Little Phoenix was not satisfied with the Vermilion Birds arms as it climbed up to him, bit by bit.

The Little Phoenix did not weigh much, and its entire body was soft and fluffy.

Its thin and soft feathers rubbed against the Vermilion Birds arms as it inched upward.

However, that seemed to enrage the Vermillion Bird even more.

He casually waved his hand and sent that tiny creature flying without any hesitation.

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