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Shen Yifeng did not even bother to worry about the trash who was not qualified to train in battle aura or magic.

So what if she participated as well She would only serve as a prop, and he was determined to obtain the Vermilion Bird.

Furthermore, even though Shen Yanxiao was trash, Shen Siyus prospect was beyond measure.

If he could get closer to Shen Siyu by being kind to that idiot, then it would take half the work and twice the effect to become the Vermilion Bird Familys successor.

Therefore, no matter in which aspects, Shen Yifeng did not have any objections for Shen Yanxiao to become a candidate.

On the contrary, he would display care and concern for Shen Yanxiao during that period to get on Shen Siyus good side.

Just as everyone gnashed their teeth at the news that Shen Yanxiao would become a candidate, the person involved was also in shock.

What did Shen Feng do When did she get pulled into the muddy water as well

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

Even though she wanted to swindle and obtain the supposedly powerful Vermilion Bird very much, she was very clear about her status in the family.

For her to have the chance to meet the Vermilion Bird was even tougher than a meeting the monarch.

However, a ridiculous thing happened and Shen Feng had actually put her name on the list.

Did he suffer from a cerebral stroke

Regardless of how dissatisfied everyone was, they were also aware that any decision made by Shen Feng had no leeway for discussion.

Thus, they could only conceal their dissatisfaction in their minds.

The date for the Lava Valley was fixed to be three days later.

Initially, Shen Yue and the others were furious about Shen Yanxiaos candidacy, but Shen Yue came around soon enough.

So what if Shen Yanxiao was given the right to candidacy With that idiots strength, if she could sign a contract with the Vermilion Bird, wouldnt that mean that everyone else could also do so

After Shen Yue came around, he placated Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei very soon.

When those two unruly kids thought heard their fathers analysis, they felt slightly better.

Shen Fengs decision to add Shen Yanxiao to the list might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Although Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiaweis had average strength, it was still like fleeting clouds when compared to a powerful opponent like Shen Yifeng.

If there were only the three of them that contested for the Vermilion Bird, they would very possibly suffer a crushing defeat under Shen Yifengs strength when the time came.

Furthermore, the contest would take place in front of the sage and wouldnt that mean they would embarrass their family With Shen Yanxiao in the last place, they were confident that they would crush her even if they lacked the strength to beat Shen Yifeng.

With the trash as a prop, they could still maintain their reputation before the sage.

With that thought in mind, how could Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei grumble about Shen Fengs decision to squeeze her onto the list Instead, they were deeply grateful for their grandfatherssensible act!

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei were secretly pleased, and Shen Yifeng did not even care about the incident.

That was because they knew that Shen Yanxiaos existence was to highlight their outstanding abilities.

There could only be prominence if there were stark comparisons.

As for Shen Yanxiao, who everyone else regarded as only a prop, she felt lost as she sat on the chair and supported her chin with her hand.

‘What exactly is Shen Fengs intention of pushing me to stand before the Vermilion Bird Even if I canrescue those two unruly kids face before the sage, Im still part of the family.

I dont feel that letting an idiot lose face is better than letting those two kids lose face.

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