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Chapter 404: Xiu (1)

The entire Mount Kuluo was drowned in an intense pressure in the blink of an eye, and the vegetation around the mountain moved without any wind.

The magical beasts that stayed hidden in their nests felt the extreme pressure, and even first and second-ranked low-level magical beasts had fainted with white foam in their mouths.

Intermediate-level magical beasts felt as if thousands of kilograms of stones were pressed onto their bodies.

Only high-level beasts could resist that powerful pressure, but even then, they sweated profusely.

Mercenaries in the vicinity felt as if their legs had softened under the intense weight.

Even the seven advanced wolves had difficulties with their breathing.

That degree of unparalleled pressure had shocked the entire Mount Kuluo.

Be it magical beasts or human beings, none of them had the power to resist it.

That was an existence that stood at the highest peak in the world!

The instant that figure appeared, the two Phoenixes were pushed back several meters by its strength.

They only managed to steady themselves with great difficulty, so that they would not fall from the skies.

Even so, they were dumbstruck by that powerful strength.

An extraordinarily handsome and elegant silhouette was suspended in the air, and black-colored mist fluttered with the winds directions.

Set against a breath-taking appearance, the silhouettes golden eyes narrowed under the scorching sun while his eyes revealed a coldness that was beyond any comparison.

“Xiu…” Shen Yanxiao gripped her intensely painful chest and looked at Xiu, who had suddenly appeared in front of her.

She could not believe what was before her eyes.

She had seen Xiu numerous times in her hearts lake, but that was the first time that she had ever seen him in reality.

The warm sunlight sprinkled all over the earth and covered Xius entire body.

The golden and bright light seemed to penetrate his body as his shadow was nowhere to be found on the ground.

The Xiu that she saw was only a silhouette and not his real body.

However, a mere silhouette was powerful enough to bring such a massive effect on Mount Kuluo.

Who was Xiu!

Who exactly was Xiu

Xiu lifted his chin slightly, and his half-narrowed eyes were vacant.

The two Phoenixes had to hold themselves back due to Xius power as they stared at him carefully.

The Phoenixes had lived on Mount Kuluo for thousands of years, and with their strength, none were their rival.

Even when they had to go against the Vermilion Bird that was of the same rank as them, they still dared to engage in a fight.

However, the moment that mysterious man appeared, they felt a significant impact on their bodies.

An incorporeal aura enveloped their bodies, and they could not help but to give in to their desire to submit to that mysterious guy before them.

Both of them felt dread to find out how they would stand against him.

The furious two Phoenixes were immediately appeased when Xiu appeared, and they had only respect and admiration for that supreme being.

Magical beasts could recognize strong opponents easily.

They intuitively knew that the figure was not someone they could fight.

Even before the person moved a single inch or said a single word, they already knew that they were not his opponent.

In front of such overpowering strength, everything else was merely dust.

Even though the Phoenixes were arrogant and confident, they were foolish.

Therefore, they dared not attack that mysterious man.

Xius indifferent gaze swept across the two Phoenixes that stood rooted to their positions.

He was not bothered about them at all.

He appeared to merely inform them that there were some things and people that they could not touch.

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