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They had barely managed to escape with their lives, and they had gathered together with great difficulties.

Before they had the time to analyze the anomaly of that mission, the invisible pressure had pinned them to the ground.

The leader was already in a sorry state after the Phoenixes pursued him, and coupled with the invisible pressure, he had nearly fainted.

Even so, he had an even more critical thought in his mind.

He had never experienced such a powerful aura, so which mysterious expert had suddenly appeared there Had the information about the Phoenix egg been exposed

Regardless of what was in his mind, the mountains peak was no longer a place that they could go.

Shen Yanxiao was still drenched in sweat, and Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

He was not powerful enough to appear in a physical body.

It had already consumed much of his energy when he appeared as a silhouette.

Furthermore, Shen Yanxiaos spiritual energy would continue to deplete as long as he stayed in reality.

Shen Yanxiao would not be able to bear the consumption for much longer.

Therefore, he had to end the situation as quickly as possible!

Xiu made a swift decision to take care of that pair of Phoenixes.

If anyone knew what was in his mind, they would most probably mourn and kneel to beg for his leniency.

That was two mythical-level Phoenixes, for goodness sake!!

It was a treasure that most could only dream of, and that person had wanted to kill them without a second thought! It was an extreme waste of natural resources!

Mythical-level beasts were not considered as a rarity in Xius eyes, and therefore, he did not hesitate with his decision.

The two Phoenixes could feel the murderous aura from Xiu.

It was so dense that it nearly suffocated them.

They were immediately nervous about their fate.

They knew that they would not survive if that mysterious man were to attack them!

Just as Xiu was prepared to end their lives, a soft and fluffy sound suddenly broke the grave atmosphere.o

“Chu~” The little Phoenix that laid protected in its parents embrace had somehow recovered its senses and stretched out its head from its mothers feathers.

As it looked from left to right, it saw the injured Vermilion Bird on the ground.

Even though the defeated bird looked different, the little Phoenix could sense that the giant bird was itsfamily the moment it saw him.

The young little Phoenix did not care about the severity of the situation as it fluttered its thumb-sized wings and jumped off its mothers protective embrace.

The Phoenixes were still suspended in mid-air, and they were hundreds of meters above the ground.

If the young little Phoenix were to drop from that height, it would probably turn into meat sludge.

The little Phoenixs unexpected actions had stunned its parents.

When they realized that their offspring was about to turn into meat sludge, how could the Phoenixes still care about Xiu They dove down in haste to save their child.

However, the little Phoenixs round figure did not crash onto the ground as it descended.

It desperately flapped its mini wings, and it managed to stabilize its limp body as it slowly spun its way toward the Vermilion Bird.

Xiu furrowed his eyebrows, but he did not attack.

The Vermilion Bird was thoroughly stunned as well.

Why did that little creature come out at such a crucial juncture

Did it not see that he was battling its parents

At that single moment, Mount Kuluo turned eerily silent, and none of them moved a single inch.

All their gazes were locked onto that wobbling little Phoenix as it tried its best to fly toward the Vermilion Bird.

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