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Chapter 413: Return (1)

“It seems like the Lava Valley belongs to a human family.

Would they not mind if we were to live there” The Phoenix-man was rather tempted by the offer, but he was still worried about it.

When he heard that the land had belonged to the Vermillion Bird Family, he immediately associated them with the Vermillion Bird in their midst.

Even though mythical beasts had been isolated from the world for ages, he had heard about the powerful five ancient mythical beasts.

It did not seem impossible to deduce that the Vermillion Bird in front of him was the mythical beast of the Vermillion Bird family.

Shen Yanxiao said, “I am from the Vermilion Bird family.

If you are willing to stay at Lava Valley, I can guarantee that no one would disturb you there.

Furthermore, no one would spread the news of your whereabouts.

Only me and my grandfather, the current family head, would know about it.”

The Lava Valley was the Vermilion Birds nest, and since he was with Shen Yanxiao all the time, the place was empty.

Why would she not do them a favor After all, the Vermillion Bird had destroyed their nest.

He could count that as compensation for the Phoenixes.

The couple looked at each other as they digested the crucial information.

It would save them a lot of trouble if they could find a safe place for their nest quickly.

“Thank you so much.” The Phoenix-man expressed his thanks as a way to accept her offer.

As for the Vermilion Bird, he glared at his master as his resentment toward her increased infinitely.

When they reached an agreement, Shen Yanxiao gave them the exact location of the Lava Valley.

She intended to send a letter home to Shen Feng to inform him about the matter.

Shen Yanxiao and the Vermillion Bird brought the little Phoenix with them to bid the two Phoenixes farewell after they had resolved everything.

Before they left, the Phoenix-woman gifted Shen Yanxiao a robe weaved with the most treasured flame feather from their bodies.

The Phoenix robe had a high fire resistance; as long as Shen Yanxiao had it on, she could be completely unharmed even if their fireball hit her in the chest.

It was a unique item.

The most treasured item on their bodies were the flame feathers beneath their neck; only one feather would drop in a decade.

One would need to wait hundreds of years to gather enough feathers for a robe.

One could even say that there was only one robe in the entire Brilliance Continent.

Shen Yanxiao wore the Phoenixs robes under her existing clothes.

She did not look any different from her usual self, but she could feel the warmth that the robe exuded.

After she bid farewell to the Phoenixes, Shen Yanxiao left Mount Kuluo.

As for the little Phoenix, it remained sprawled on top of the Vermilion Birds head.

It was not even sad to leave its parents.

On the contrary, it looked quite comfortable and happy.

However, the Vermilion Bird had a pale complexion, and it looked like he wanted to vomit blood.

He had lost so much during that trip.

Not only did he have to bring a deadweight home with him, but he also had to give his home away to someone else.

His situation was akin to the idiom,having given away a bride, and to lose ones army too.

Most of the surviving mercenaries had returned to the safety area just outside Mount Kuluo.

They looked to be in a sorry state as they panted heavily beside their carriages.

Due to Du Langs advanced arrangement, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group did not suffer any losses.

Only a few of their members had sustained light injuries.

The same could not be said for the other mercenary groups though.

Most of them had suffered heavy losses, especially those who had stood at the front lines.

More than half of those mercenaries were buried on that mountain.

Out of a thousand men, only a fraction had managed to survive the ordeal.

Most of the groups had lost more than half of their members.

It was a significant loss for those groups, except for the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

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