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Chapter 416: Return (4)

The Phoenix couple seemed familiar with that man.

The male Phoenix, who had transformed into his human form, smiled bitterly and said, “We encountered some unfortunate incidents, and our egg hatched earlier than expected.”

The handsome and elegant young man frowned.

“I dont sense the little Phoenix.”

The Phoenix-man replied, “Mount Kuluo is no longer safe.

We have entrusted a friend to temporarily care for it.

After we find a new nest, we would fetch our child home.”

A trace of doubt surfaced in the young mans calm eyes.

He knew how much the couple cared for their youngling, so it was simply unbelievable that they would bear to hand their child to the care of someone else.

“If theres a need, I can search for a new home for you.

It was my mistake for arranging you to live on Mount Kuluo and, thus, allowed some people to invade your home.” The young mans tone was apologetic.

The male Phoenix smiled and said, “The God Realm has helped us plenty of times, and we are very grateful.

However, weve already found a new home.”

“Oh Where would that be

“The Lava Valley.”

A trace of surprise surfaced on the young mans face.

“The Lava Valley Thats the Vermilion Birds nest.

You intend to head there”

The male Phoenix nodded.

“Weve already made plans for that, so thank you for your care and concern during this period.”

The young man did not question him further and bade farewell to the Phoenixes before he left while he was still deep in thoughts.

“Why would they head for the Lava Valley Even though Xiaoxiao had left with the Vermilion Bird, but…” His mutters contained traces of doubts.

He was as gentle as jade and as calm as a quiet lake.

He was Shen Siyu.

The Vermilion Bird had no idea how he made it back to the Black City.

He only knew that those few days were the most horrific nightmare of his entire life.

He had wanted to return to Shen Yanxiaos body multiple times, but the little Phoenix had grabbed onto him for dear life.

When he had tried to push it away, the little creature had cried so pitifully and looked at him with tears in his eyes.

The Vermilion Bird had no intention to care for that deadweight, but Shen Yanxiao would never let him shirk his responsibilities just like that.

Since his master was uncooperative, he could return to her heart, even if he had wanted to.

The Vermilion Bird could only puke throughout the journey andenjoy the little Phoenixs clinging as they made their way back to the Black City.

When they arrived at the Black City, they had to carry the Vermillion Bird down from the carriage.

Shen Yanxiao arranged for them to rest in one of the inns.

Then she made her way toward the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group to get her share of remuneration for that mission.

Even though their mission had been unsuccessful, the problem was with the employers information.

Therefore, many of the mercenary groups had successfully obtained the remuneration from the Mercenary Guild.

Even Shen Yanxiao had received the portion that Du Lang had promised her.

In addition to that, Du Lang had sincerely invited Shen Yanxiao to become a temporary member of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, and Shen Yanxiao had accepted his offer.

However, that was nominal only.

She would have the freedom to choose if she wanted to participate in any of their missions.

When she obtained the Flame Grass, she could finally check that off her list.

Her collaboration with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group led her to entrust the mission to search for the Skeleton Flower to them.

After all, she still had to attend to her studies at the Saint Laurent Academy.

It was not like she had the extra time to roam around the continent.

After she resolved everything, Shen Yanxiao returned to the inn to look at the Vermilion Bird, who had puked so much that he wished he was dead.

That was a problem she had yet to resolve!

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