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Chapter 417: Going Too Far (1)

Since the little Phoenix was still unwilling to leave the Vermilion Bird, he could not return inside her.

If the Vermilion Bird were to disappear, the little Phoenix would be completely dumbstruck.

Furthermore, she was inexperienced with caring for a magical beast, and so she could only allow him to remain outside for that time being.

However, she could not bring the Vermilion Bird and the little Phoenix along with her back to the Saint Laurent Academy, right

Ouyang Huanyu was the Saint Laurent Academys dean, and he was a Great Archmagus.

Even if he could not identify the Vermilion Birds true identity, he would certainly know the little Phoenixs rank.

She knew just how much trouble an eighth-ranked young magical beast would bring.

After much consideration, Shen Yanxiao ultimately decided to leave the Vermilion Bird at the Black City temporarily.

A master and their contracted magical beast shared a spiritual connection, and they could maintain communication even if they were separated.

She was surprised that the Vermilion Bird did not protest her decision.

Only the gods knew how suffocated and restricted he had felt since a long time ago.

How could he turn down such an excellent opportunity to remain outside and lurk around

His depression about the little Phoenixs existence had instantly dissipated.

After Shen Yanxiao gave the Vermilion Bird some money forliving expenses, she left the Black City for the Saint Laurent Academy the next morning.

It was already afternoon when she had returned to the academy.

After she satisfied her hunger, she returned to the dormitory and made preparations to report to the Archer Division in the afternoon.

However, she bumped into Lin Xuan, who was prepared to leave the dormitory, the moment she returned.

Lin Xuan was surprised to see the roommate he had not seen for a while.

Why did he look so shocked and… evasive

“Shen… Jue, youre back” Lin Xuan spoke in a weird tone, and his eyes were unfocused as he did not dare to look at her.

Shen Yanxiao was curious about Lin Xuans unusual attitude.

However, she had only returned and had a pile of matters to handle.

So, she did not pay much attention to him.

She nodded and said, “Yes, I just came back.”

Lin Xuan revealed a stiff smile.

“Oh, t-then you s-should get busy f-first.

Im heading to the library to take some things.”

Shen Yanxiao moved to the side to make way for Lin Xuan to leave.

Then she peeked into the room, but she did not see Tang Nazhi there.

So she called out to Lin Xuan, “Wheres Tang Nazhi Since hes not sleeping in the dormitory during the afternoon, where has he run off to again”

Tang Nazhi and her had been practically glued together while they were at the Saint Laurent Academy.

She felt somewhat unaccustomed when she did not see him upon her return.

Lin Xuans back stiffened, and after a brief moment, he stuttered as he replied, “I-I… I dont know.” After that, he immediately ran out without giving Shen Yanxiao another chance to continue with her questions.

“Am I that scary” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

She had already worn the disguise mask when she returned, so there should not have been any problems with that.

After she returned to the dormitory, Shen Yanxiao changed her dirty clothes and wore the long robes that represented the purple class.

Soon after that, Shen Yanxiao noticed that something was amiss.

Tang Nazhis bed was empty, and it did not have any beddings either.

Shen Yanxiao furrowed her eyebrows and went to open Tang Nazhis wardrobe.

All the books and daily necessities in the wardrobe had disappeared without a trace, and it looked as clean as if no one had used it before.

“Whats going on” Shen Yanxiao knitted her eyebrows, and she felt a little uneasy about the situation.

She went through all of Tang Nazhis space hastily, but she could not find anything.

All his items had disappeared, and she could not find a single trace that he had once lived there.

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