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“Hehe, since youre an old acquaintance, why dont you tell me what the Vermilion Bird looks like and the special conditions to sign a contract with it!” Even the current Family Head, Shen Feng, had only heard about its notoriety but he had never seen the Vermilion Bird with his own eyes.

However, the fellow inside her had seen it before, and very possibly might had been close with its previous master.

Since she knew someone who understood the Vermilion Bird, Shen Yanxiao started to have designs about the mythical beast to some extent.

However, that was still a mythical beast!

Even though she was ignorant about mythical beasts, just the thought ofobtaining the Vermilion Bird meant becoming the Family Head, was sufficient for her to be curious about it.

“Its merely an arrogant little bird who overestimates its capabilities, and it is slightly larger than the normal aerial magical beasts,” said Xiu.

If possible, Shen Yanxiao wanted to pry Xius head open to have a good look at the information about the Vermilion Bird.

What kind of information was that What was the difference between saying something and saying nothing at all

In any case, it seemed that lord Xiu had no intention to say anything else.

No matter how Shen Yanxiao threatened and bribed, he did not continue with the topic and urged her to start her training instead.

Even though the Vermilion Bird was only a smelly fart in his eyes, but with its capabilities, Shen Yanxiao had to raise either her battle aura or magic to the sixth rank, at the very least, to get the little bird to surrender and pay its allegiance to her.

Without any useful information, coupled with Xius whip that forced her to continue with her training, Shen Yanxiao could only retract her curiosity and followed his orders.

However, she had her own plans too.

‘If you can do it, then just continue to keep your mouth shut.

I dont believe you would be willing to look on helplessly as the Vermilion Bird throws itself at another person when the time comes!

They were like ants on the same rope, so what did she have to be afraid for

Five days passed in a blink of an eye.

Several luxurious carriages were already parked in front of the Vermilion Bird Family gates early in the morning.

The sage was already seated in his exclusive carriage and nodded at Shen Feng through the window.

Led by Shen Yifeng, the candidates for the Vermilion Bird stood respectfully before Shen Feng and listened to his last lecture before they set out for a long journey.

“This trip is related to our familys reputation and no matter the cost, one of you must successfully bring the Vermilion Bird back.” Shen Feng solemnly looked at the four grandchildren who stood before him.

The long journey was led by the God Realms envoy and other than the four candidates from the Vermilion Bird Family, they only assigned one servant to accompany each of them.

Among the four of them, Shen Yifeng had the highest chance to obtain the Vermilion Bird.

Not only did he inherit the best lineage, but he was also a rare prodigy that one had ever seen in a century, and the entire Vermilion Bird Family held high expectations for him.

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiaweis strength might be inferior to Shen Yifeng, but their talents were still pretty good.

They merely appeared mediocre due to Shen Yifengs skills.

The Vermilion Bird hadnt shown itself in the human world for a century, and no one knew of its conditions for a master.

If the criteria were not based on their strengths, it was very likely for the twins to obtain its favor.

After all, the mental energy of twins was a very delicate thing.

If they have the intention to complement each other, then their mental energy would probably be on the same level as Shen Yifeng.

The satisfaction that he concealed deep down changed when Shen Fengs gaze shifted to that thin and weak physique.

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