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Chapter 422: Going Too Far (6)

Even though Tang Nazhi did not have many talents in herbalism, he was not hopeless.

Shen Yanxiao might have also helped him in his assignments, but he had personally brewed all of those potions.

As long as he had enough time and someone to guide him, he could always complete a potion.

Tang Nazhi was not Shen Yanxiao, but alas, he still could not produce a new potion after only one demonstration.

It was obvious that Pu Lisi had made things difficult for Tang Nazhi.

Other than Shen Yanxiao, no other student from the first-year purple class could pass his test!

“Tang Nazhi failed in that test, and Pu Lisi used that as an excuse to confirm that you had completed all of his assignments.

So he expelled Tang Nazhi for supposedly cheating in his work.” Qi Xia knew that Tang Nazhi did not want to mention that, so he did it for him.

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath, and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

A ball of rage had flamed in his chest.

How could she not know the reason for Tang Nazhis plight

She had been Shangguan Xiaos eyesore for quite a long time.

She had also won the bet for Tang Nazhi, so it was only natural that Shangguan Xiao wanted her to disappear from his sight.

As for Pu Lisi, he did not even hesitate before he took on the role of a division head.

It was clear he wanted to deal with her, and at the same time, implicate Tang Nazhi in the scheme.

If she had not left the academy, they would probably use those tricks on her.

Tang Nazhi was in such a predicament because he had taken the blow that was meant for her!

Those so-called Yates Academys herbalists and the friendly matches were all tricks that Shangguan Xiao had schemed with that student!

They must have wanted to remove their standing in the Herbalist Division!

“Theyre too much!” Shen Yanxiao clenched her teeth and fists as she spat out those words.

She had not wanted to aggravate Shangguan Xiao, nor did she wish to provoke Pu Lisi.

However, the narrow-minded mentor and student duo had not wanted to let things be.

Since they could not do anything to her, they targeted her friends instead!

“With my name on stake, if I dont avenge this debt, I shall not touch potions ever again in my whole life!” Shen Yanxiao stood up in a flash, and Tang Nazhi slightly startled before immediately pulled her.

“I swear if I cant avenge this debt, I shall not touch a single potion in my life, ever again!” Even though Tang Nazhi was started when Shen Yanxiao stood up suddenly, he managed to pull her.

“Xiao xiao, this incident is also partially due to my incapability.

Its alright if I cant become a herbalist.

There are no issues there, and my grandfather dotes on me the most.

He would never make things difficult for me so you can rest assured that I will still be in one piece when I get home.” Tang Nazhi was surprised by Shen Yanxiaos expression.

She looked so furious and cold that it was quite impossible to gaze at her.

He did not know what she had intended to do, but his instincts told him that he should not let her leave at that moment.

“Let go of me!” Shen Yanxiao coldly said.

“Xiao xiao…” Tang Nazhi ignored her command.

He was afraid that if he were to let her go, she would dash toward the cowardly mentor and student duo.

“I am going home tomorrow, dont you want to accompany me today We wont be able to see each other every day in the future!” Tang Nazhi tried to talk some sense into Shen Yanxiao.

He even looked at Qi Xia for help.

However, Qi Xia sat on the sofa, and it did not look like he cared about their conversation.

Tang Nazhi felt like he could cry, but no tears would come out.

He already told them that they should not let Shen Yanxiao know about that situation.

Since she had known about, she looked as if she was ready to pounce and bite other people!

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