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Chapter 423: Do You Dare to Have a Match (1)

Shen Yanxiao stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Tang Nazhi, who had a tight grip on her arm.

The fury on her face softened, and she even smiled at him.

Tang Nazhi was startled with the rapid change of her mood, and he looked at Shen Yanxiao with uncertainty.

Had he managed to tame that little rabbit who had exploded with rage

Shen Yanxiao slowly raised her hand with a sweet smile on her face.

Then her index finger gently touched Tang Nazhis forehead.


Tang Nazhi immediately felt as if tens of kilograms was pressed on his body as he suddenly sprawled on the ground with his four limbs spread outward.

How could he forget that the little rabbit was not only an herbalist, but she was a talented warlock as well

Shen Yanxiao turned and left the casino as Tang Nazhi wailed in the background.

At the Saint Laurent Academys Herbalist Division, Shangguan Xiao sat in the library with a handsome young man with an arrogant temperament.

“Thanks to you, Luo Fan, weve managed to chase Tang Nazhi out of the academy.” The usually-aloof Shangguan Xiao had a meek attitude that one could only see once in a blue moon.

The young man by his side was the student from Yates Academys Herbalist Division, Luo Fan.

If Shangguan Xiao was the best student in the Saint Laurent Academy, then one could describe Luo Fan as the best in the Blue Moon Dynasty.

He was only 19 years old, but he was already an Advanced Herbalist.

He had talents that would shame everyone who was studying to become an herbalist.

Luo Fan smiled and said disapprovingly, “That sort of trash is delusional enough to become an herbalist He has bitten off more than he could chew.

Shangguan Xiao, why would you need to be so serious about trash like that The Saint Laurent Academy is barely on par with the academies out there.

They would not have been able to sustain their status if not for the few Great Herbalists here.

Except for you, no one else is worth my time.”

Shangguan Xiao revealed an awkward smile.

The Yates Academy had sent their students there to learn from their Great Herbalists.

As the best student from the academy, Luo Fan had already started his research with the Great Herbalists at the library.

He had given Shangguan Xiao some face due to Pu Lisis influence, but he had not spared a single glance to the other students there.

He had also helped them as a favor to Pu Lisi.

However, Luo Fan was somewhat vexed.

Even though Pu Lisi was a powerful herbalist, he had wanted to learn from the number one herbalist in the Longxuan Empire, Ye Qing.

However, Ye Qing had rejected his multiple requests to meet him.

He had yet to see Ye Qing even once while he was at their academy.

“What about the Shen Jue that you have mentioned previously Why has he not appeared yet I would like to see how he looks like since he could obtain Great Master Ye Qings favor.” Luo Fan was still in a bad mood because he could not meet Ye Qing.

He could not believe that Ye Qing would accept the responsibility to mentor a first-year student from the Herbalist Division.

Only a few students from the Saint Laurent Academys Herbalist Division had the right skills to show off to others.

Luo Fan even thought that Shangguan Xiaos skills were pretty average, so he was surprised that someone had managed to catch Ye Qings attention in a trashy place like that.

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