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Chapter 429: Farewell (1)

In the underground casino, the five members of Phantom had gathered at that rest lounge as they abandoned their other tasks on hand.

Tang Nazhi was due to leave the Saint Laurent Academy the next day to return to the capital.

When Yan Yu and Yang Xi arrived, Tang Nazhi was slumped over the chair with a sad expression while Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiao enjoyed their pastries beside him.

“Well, youve become the most popular student at the academy the moment you return.” Yan Yu had heard about Shen Yanxiaos challenge with Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao, and he was quite shocked about its content.

“That type of person deserves a good lesson.” Yang Xi had agreed with how Shen Yanxiao had dealt with that issue.

How could they be happy when someone had conspired to expel Tang Nazhi from the academy However, they could not deal with Shangguan Xiao even if they had wanted to as they were in different divisions.

“Are you confident about the match” Yan Xi asked.

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

As he enjoyed the exquisite pastries, Qi Xia said.

“I have some news about Luo Fan, and I can even give it to you for free.”

“Luo Fan is from the Luo Family in the Blue Moon Dynasty, and their familys reputation is comparable to our five great aristocratic families.

Like Little Yus family, they are also famous for their potions.

They had a Great Herbalist in the family, but he had left the dynasty many years ago to go to the Lunar Continent to do research on herbalism.”

“Lunar Continent” Shen Yanxiao frowned.

The Lunar Continent was the territory of the elves, and they possess a racial advantage in regards to herbalism.

All elves were rumored to be Intermediate Herbalists, and Grandmaster Herbalists were also not rare in that continent.

All archers and herbalists dreamed of going to the Lunar Continent.

Many had set off toward that magical land, but most of them had disappeared at sea.

For centuries, except for trading ships, none of them made their journey back to the Brilliance Continent.

“The Lunar Continent is more than a rumor.

Even though the Luo family lost their Grandmaster Herbalist, they still have a few Great Herbalists.

According to my sources, Luo Fan had represented the Luo Family of the Blue Moon Dynasty to invite Shangguan Xiao to join their influence.” Qi Xia was like Wikipedia, but no one knew how he obtained that confidential information.

Even though the Blue Moon Dynasty and the Longxuan Empire were powerful countries in the Brilliance Continent that looked calm on the surface, there had been constant friction behind the scenes.

There were many unwritten rules between the two countries.

One of them was treason if a citizen were to join the opponents countrys influence.

It was apparent that not many knew about Luo Fans offer to Shangguan Xiao to join their banner.

Otherwise, Shangguan Xiao would have already been arrested for treason.

“Pulling Shangguan Xiao to join them From what I could see, I thought Luo Fan would want Pu Lisi instead,” Yang Xi sneered.

Qi Xia declined to comment on that.

“It has been centuries since the Luo Family had a Great Herbalist and so they wanted to win one over.

There are a few families in the Blue Moon Dynasty that had the same status as the Luo Family, and all of them have a Great Herbalist to support them.

How could they remain calm” Yan Yu said.

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