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Chapter 432: Confrontation (1)

All the students rushed toward the first-year students lab as soon as lunchtime ended.

The room was only large enough to accommodate hundreds of students, but thousands of students had managed to squeeze their way into the lab.

There was hardly any space left.

A few of the students from Yates Academy were also there, and they had gathered into a group.

It was such a crowded place, and yet there was still a one-meter distance between them and the rest of the students.

The students from the Saint Laurent Academy had subconsciously separated themselves from the group of outsiders.

The students from the Yates Academy had worn their uniforms to the match.

Their long silver-white robes seemed exceptionally dazzling amongst the red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, and violet colors of the Saint Laurent Academy.

All the students from the Yates Academy had an arrogant look on their faces, and they completely disregarded the stares from the Saint Laurent Academys students.

They behaved as if they were better than everyone else and only had disdain for the students there.

Their attitude was extremely unpleasant.

A middle-aged man stood amongst the crowd of students.

It was Fang Qiu, and he was the teacher who led the students from the Yates Academy.

He was also a Great Herbalist, and he had been quite arrogant while he was at the Saint Laurent Academy.

He was only focused on the Great Herbalists in the library.

Unfortunately, his students had behaved as he did, and everyone else had wanted to give them a beating.

“What does Luo Fan think hes doing Why would he want to compete with a first-year little brat Whats there to compete What kind of skills would trash have anyway” One of Luo Fans fellow students threw a proud look at the Saint Laurent Academys students.

They were at the academy to learn from their Great Herbalists.

They had undergone several friendly matches during that period, and the Saint Laurent Academy suffered a total defeat.

From the eight students that were sent to the academy, even the weakest student was comparable to Shangguan Xiao.

When they competed against the other students from the Saint Laurent Academy, there was no wonder that they would win by a margin.

“Thats right.

Their herbalists have pitiful skills.

No one would come here if it were not for their Great Herbalists here.” The Yates Academy students were very confident because of their continued victories.

Even though Fang Qiu remained silent, he still had an arrogant expression on his face.

The Saint Laurent Academys Herbalist Division was renowned in the Longxuan Empire because they had Ye Qing and several Great Herbalists with them.

Every single one of them held a famous reputation, and no one knew how Ouyang Huanyu enticed them to join the Saint Laurent Academy.

It was not only the academies in the Longxuan Empire, but even the Blue Moon Dynasty had always wanted to get those Great Herbalists to join them.

However, they remained loyal to the academy.

Even though Fang Qius official duty was to keep an eye on the students, he was also entrusted by the Yates Academys dean to lure those living buddhas to join them.

He was fortunate to have connected with Pu Lisi while Luo Fan also managed to build a good relationship with his disciple, Shangguan Xiao.

However, they had not been able to meet Great Master Ye Qing even though they had been at the academy for half a month.

Even so, it was good enough for them to have gained Pu Lisis favor.

As for Luo Fans private dealings with Shangguan Xia, Fang Qiu had decided to turn a blind eye on it.

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