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Chapter 433: Confrontation (2)

“This is not our first competition with them, so please quiet down.

Great Master Pu Lisi would be here later, so dont lose your decorum in front of him.” Fang Qiu said as he tried to calm his students.

The students obediently quieted down, but the students of the Saint Laurent Academy had already heard their comments.

The undisguised contempts and the sentence with the wordgarbage had infuriated them.

They glared at the group of outsiders in furious anger.

However, even though they were offended, they were rather helpless about it.

Their consecutive defeats had shattered their confidence, and they had no way to refute their opponents words.

At that moment, they could only wait.

They were waiting for that one person in their academy to slap their opponents on their mouths.

They want their opponents to know that the Saint Laurent Academy was not without talents!

As minutes and seconds elapsed, all the students anxiously waited for three main leads of that days competition.

A few moments later, three silhouettes appeared at the entrance.

Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan walked beside Pu Lisi as they stepped into the crowded room.

That was not the first time that Pu Lisi had appeared before the students.

That famous herbalist had personally watched the competition between Shangguan Xiao and Shen Yanxiao a month ago, but his student had ended with a tragic defeat.

It seemed like he was there to witness his disciples sweet revenge on Shen Jue.

The students automatically made way for the three to pass through to the front of the room.

When Fang Qiu saw Pu Lisi, he went to welcome his arrival.

His arrogance had disappeared as he fawned over Pu Lisi.

The group of students from the Yates Academy also appeared to be respectful toward Pu Lisi.

“Shen Jue isnt here yet” Shangguan Xiao looked at the crowd, but he did not see the person that he hated so much.

“Perhaps hes scared and doesnt dare to come” A student from the Yates Academy scoffed.

“I reckon hes just seeking to impress by feigning to be more than he could achieve.

Hes only a first-year little brat.

What could he have accomplished Luo Fans random finger could crush him to death at any single moment.” Another student spoke with disdain.

He would not bother with any student from the Saint Laurent Academy.

Luo Fan merely smiled but did not make any statement.

Unfortunately, the glint in his eyes had betrayed his thoughts.

After a short while, four silhouettes suddenly appeared at the entrance.

Shen Yanxiao stood at the front as she wore her long purple robe as Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi trailed behind her.

Their slender physiques had formed a wall behind her.

Their appearance had immediately attracted everyones attention.

Everyone was surprised when they saw the three figures behind Shen Yanxiao.

They were Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi, and they were the top students of three divisions in the academy.

One could even say that they were the most influential people in the academy!

Why were they at the Herbalist Division

“Thats Shen Jue” The students from the Yates Academy, who had not seen Shen Yanxiao before, pointed at the little brat in disbelief.

“Thats him.” Shangguan Xiao gritted his teeth with intense hatred in his eyes.

“Oh my god, you were defeated by a little brat like him” The students from the Yates Academy were surprised by that information.

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