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Chapter 437: Competition Start! (3)

On the contrary, Shen Yanxiao took her own sweet time as she looked at the pile of medicinal ingredients and slowly selected a few plants that looked utterly harmless.

“What is Shen Jue doing Why did he choose all those medicinal ingredients with mild properties Shouldnt she make a potion with detrimental effects” Luo De did not understand the situation.

The medicinal ingredients that Shen Yanxiao had chosen were all common herbs and would not cause any damage even if it were eaten raw.

If those medicinal ingredients were stewed in a pot, it would definitely be a tonic rather than poison.

Luo De was burning with anxiousness.

That kid, Shen Jue, was too stubborn!

It was evident that her opponents had planned to concoct poisonous potions.

However, that little brat did not pick a single toxic ingredient, and instead, all her medicinal ingredients were beneficial for the body! Did she forget that they were competing with potions that had detrimental effects

She was not meant to make a tonic for Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan!

Since Luo De noticed the problem, naturally, Fang Qiu and Pu Lisi realized the same thing too.

Both of them already knew about the potions that Shangguan Xiao and Luo De would make, but they had no clue about Shen Yanxiaos choice.

However, it looked like Shen Yanxiao had only picked ingredients that would be beneficial to ones health.

“It seems that little brat does not know how to make any detrimental potions.

I was right; he only wanted to impress others with his words.” Fang Qiu was relieved.

As he watched the competitors, he was sure that Shen Yanxiao would lose even before they began to make the potions.

It also looked like Shen Jue would lose miserably too.

“I knew it! How could that piece of trash compare to Luo Fan Any one of us could have defeated him too,” one of the students from the Yates Academy spoke arrogantly.

Potions with detrimental effects were much more complicated than potions with beneficial results.

It was because detrimental potions contained strong repulsion properties.

Therefore, it was a massive challenge for the herbalists skills to stabilize those repulsion properties.

None of the intermediate herbalists could guarantee that they could successfully produce the potion.

Fang Qiu and his students had talked very loudly, and the Saint Laurent Academys students could hear their conversations easily.

When they heard what they had said, all of them were secretly nervous for Shen Yanxiao.

They had suffered too many defeats at the hand of students from the Yates Academy, and they could not endure any more failures.

If Shen Yanxiao were to fail, they could no longer look at those students in the eyes ever again.

All the students from the Saint Laurent Academy rooted for that first-year student from their division.

At the same time, they were also resentful of Shangguan Xiao for allying with the enemy.

That former top student of the Herbalist Division had turned into a disgrace in their minds!

Minutes and seconds elapsed.

Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had collected all the medicinal ingredients that they required for their potions, and they had returned to their tables to process them.

Some students with good eyesight immediately noticed the ingredients that they had picked up.

Every single medicinal ingredient that Shangguan Xiao had chosen was extremely toxic… If they were mixed into a potion, the person who consumed it would experience something worse than death.

How much did Shangguan Xiao hate Shen Jue, that he would choose to make such a vicious medicine

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