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Chapter 440: Detrimental Potion (3)

If Ye Qing were to interfere with the competition, not only would that affect his reputation, but Shen Jue would also lose his foothold with the other herbalist.

Ye Qing did not mind consequences to his reputation, but he did not want to destroy Shen Jues future path as an herbalist.

“Lets see how the situation goes.” Ye Qing was also somewhat helpless.

Even though he believed in Shen Jues talents, he also had reservations about the destructive detrimental potion.

He had decided to save Shen Jue if he could not endure the damage caused by the detrimental potion, even if he had to forgo the reputation that he had built for so many years.

It was more important to have Shen Jue healthy and hale.

Pu Lisi sneered.

The moment Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had completed their potions, he knew that the competition had ended for Shen Yanxiao.

It would not have mattered what kind of detrimental potion she produced, she would have to bid farewell to the path of an herbalist.

That was the price that she had to pay for humiliating a Great Herbalist!

Ten minutes later, Shen Yanxiao had finally completed her potion.

It was a bottle of pale-pink colored potion, and the glistening liquid seemed exceptionally beautiful inside the crystal bottle.

Then she divided it into two servings and poured the liquid into two crystal bottles.

No one knew what detrimental potion that Shen Yanxiao had concocted.

Even the experienced and knowledgeable Ye Qing could not identify it.

When Shen Yanxiao left her table with the two bottles of potion, Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan stared at her with an evil expression.

“The three potions have been completed.

Now lets move on to the crux of the competition.” Luo Fan curled his lips and stared at Shen Yanxiao eagerly.

He did not believe that a detrimental potion concocted by an intermediate herbalist would win against the potions that Pu Lisi had personally taught them!

He also did not believe that Shen Yanxiaos potion would cause any trouble for him.

“Youre right.” Shen Yanxiao smiled faintly as she placed her bottles of potion on the table.

Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan also followed suit, and the real competition had begun.

“In that case, please go ahead.” Luo Fans eyes flickered with a malicious smile as he urged Shen Yanxiao toward the road of destruction.

Shen Yanxiao walked toward the potions without any hesitation.

She picked up the Concealed Poison Potion and drank it without even blinking her eyes.

The moment she downed the liquid, a crazy smile surfaced on Shangguan Xiaos face.

Without any pause, Shen Yanxiao picked up the Chaos Potion and drank that too.

When the two potions flowed into her stomach, she felt an acute pain all over her body.

Her five senses had also gradually weakened.

Her vision became blurry, and she could not smell anything.

Even the sounds that she heard were muted.

It seemed like the damage had spread throughout her body.

Cold sweat continuously seeped from her forehead, and even her breathing became more rapid.

The effects of the Concealed Poison Potion and Chaos Potion had started to surface.

Shangguan Xiao wanted to laugh when he saw how Shen Yanxiaos condition worsened every second.

That brat would soon be finished!

Luo Fan also had a complacent expression on his face.

Shen Yanxiao endured the acute pain and gritted her teeth in agony.

“Your turn.”

“Sure.” Luo Fan took large strides forward with a scornful smile plastered on his face.

While he appreciated Shen Yanxiaos suffering, he picked up the potion and drank it.

Similarly, Shangguan Xiao moved forward and drank the harmless-looking potion.

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