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Chapter 456: Hypocrite (1)

Everything would have to wait until after her trip to the deans room that night!

Moonlight shrouded the earth as night descended.

The hustle-bustle of the academy during the day had finally calmed as light crystals by the roadside radiated its surroundings.

A petite silhouette sped past a building, and her agile movements were similar to a nimble cat as she moved without any sound.

The deans office at the Saint Laurent Academy was still ablaze with lights, and Ouyang Huanyu sat at his table as he browsed through a pile of documents.

Ouyang Huanyu was not only powerful, gentle, just, and strict; he was also very diligent.

The masses idolized the Saint Laurent Academys dean, and he was also a respected figure in everyones hearts.

He had always attended to all aspects of a matter and had never conspired to do evil.

Furthermore, he was also always kind and friendly with the teachers and students in the academy.

Except for Shen Yanxiao, no one else disliked the dean.

Shen Yanxiao silently snuck into the deans office with the Moonlight Necklace; she was not worried if anyone would discover her.

Since she had removed all traces of magic on her, she was confident that she could hide from everyone.

Ouyang Huanyu looked indifferent as he flipped through the pages of a book, and one could only hear the almost-silent sound of paper as he turned the pages.

Please do not tell me that he intends to read through the night Shen Yanxiao thought to herself as she stared at the conscientious Ouyang Huanyu.

If that Buddha remained seated there throughout the night, then she would not be able to find anything.

She could still look for some random useful information around the office if he were to leave for a moment.

However, unless she turned invisible, she would not be able to do anything else if he remained there.

Just as Shen Yanxiao silently prayed for Ouyang Huanyu to use the washroom or have a meal, the door of the office was suddenly pushed open.

She immediately shrunk herself back into the darkness as the person entered the room.

A black-coaked man had silently gone into the room as the moonlight behind him elongated his silhouette.

His whole body was wrapped in a large cloak, and the shadows had concealed his face.

Ouyang Huanyu did not seem surprised at that mans arrival.

He merely raised his head and arranged the materials on his table before he crossed his fingers in front of his chest as he remained calm and composed while he looked at the new arrival.

“Even after so many years, you still pose as a man of high morals all day long.” A youthful voice echoed from the black-cloaked man.

Ouyang Huanyu smiled faintly.

“I have worn this mask for so long that even I forgot that its here.

So, why have you come here”

The black-cloaked man sat down and crossed his stretched out slender legs.

“I came to see your ridiculous face and to tell you that theres a lack of manpower over there.

When do you intend to send more people”

Ouyang Huanyu furrowed his eyebrows.

“I just sent a batch of people a few months ago, how did you do through them so quickly”

The man answered, “We encountered some problems recently, and our men struggled with some mishaps.

When will you send the herbalist that you have promised us”

Shen Yanxiao was shocked.

Who did Ouyang Huanyu send, and why did he have to send a herbalist What was going on

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