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Chapter 457: Hypocrite (2)

“I had wanted to send Pu Lisi, but something bad happened to his disciple, and so he had set off to the Blue Moon Dynasty.

You can get your people to contact him there as I have informed him about it.”

The black-cloaked man pondered for a moment before he said, “Since he is already in the Blue Moon Dynasty, there shouldnt be any problem with another Pu Lisi.

What about Ye Qing”

Shen Yanxiaos heart suddenly leaped.

They had aimed for Ye Qing!

Ouyang Huanyu looked helpless as he sighed and said, “Ye Qing has always been firm about his decision.

He hasnt budged from his opinion even after so many years.

I do not dare to tell him all the details just yet.”

“Is Ye Qing that hard to handle He must have been like a block of wood despite your efforts for so many years.

In any case, you will need to send a Great Herbalist as soon as possible.

If we cant get Ye Qing on board, then we will have to make do with other Great Herbalists,” the man said reluctantly.

“I will make the arrangements within these few days.” Ouyang Huanyu nodded.

“Oh yes, what is the situation with Yun Qi That old man has been with you for quite some time now, have you been able to change his mind” When the man suddenly mentioned Yun Qi, the alarm bells rang in Shen Yanxiaos mind.

Ouyang Huanyu immediately furrowed his eyebrows the moment Yun Qis name was uttered.

“Lets not mention him; I think hes made of stone.

Before I could say more than two words, he would have already chased me away.”

The black-cloaked man chuckled.

“It looks like hes still the same.

That person and I had tried to get him on our side, but he had managed to avoid us.

Ultimately, he had hid in the mountains and forests.

In any case, if you cant change his mind, then you must never allow him to leave or recover his strength.

Otherwise, he would be a huge threat to us.”

“Dont worry.

I have changed the formula that I gave to Ye Qing.

Even after a century, Yun Qi would never get the real Blood Banquet Potion.

However, he did accept a new disciple recently.”

“A disciple That old man still has the courage to accept a student Did he forget how all of his former disciples ended” The man smiled unkindly.

“Since you cant influence Yun Qi, perhaps you can start with his disciple.

Even though that old mans skills have regressed, his attainment as a Warlock is incomparable.

If he has the mind to teach, then I trust that his disciple would not lack talent.

If possible, perhaps you can get his pupil onto our side.

Yu Qin had always valued his disciples, so if you could control his pupil, then he might just yield.”

Ouyang Huanyu looked at the man with a sigh and then said, “I have not been able to identify his new disciple.

I had waited at the Warlock Division, but even after a long while, I had to return empty-handed.

I think the disciple had used some tricks to avoid my perception magic.”

The black-cloaked man was surprised to hear that.

“He avoided your perception magic Well, Yun Qi has an item that could accomplish that feat.

However, it is also something he treasured so he would not have given that away freely.

He had used it when he avoided pursuit during the Warlocks end, so how could he give that away Youd have to pay more attention to that.”

“I understand,” Ouyang Huanyu said with a nod.

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