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Chapter 463: Pulling Strings (2)

They did not pay any attention to her clothing; they only thought it looked dim and dirty.

They never thought that the uniform was for the purple class!

Shen Yanxiao belonged to the top class What kind of a joke was that

“Headmaster, may I know the requirements for the purple class” Shen Yues lips twitched.

He would never believe that the idiot had any skills, and Shen Feng must have arranged for her to be in the top class.

With that conjecture in mind, Shen Yue tried to hint at the divisions head to send his daughter to the purple class.

Unfortunately, the headmaster did not catch that.

“Any student can challenge another student from a better class to a challenge.

If you could win it, then you can take their place in that class.”

Shen Yue continued, “A challenge But Jiayi just broke through to the sixth rank, and shes also a girl.

How is that appropriate Shen Jiayi is very talented and my father, the head of the Vermillion Bird family, had always loved this child.

Id be very grateful if you can do this favor for us.”

The divisions head smile immediately tensed after he heard Shen Yues words.

“There had never been any questions about the rules at the Saint Laurent Academy, nor do we allow any nepotism here.

Please do not repeat your words today.

As for your daughter, her future achievements would depend on her skills.

We do not allow shortcuts here.”

Shen Yues face darkened at the headmasters candidness.

He did not understand what had happened.

How could an idiot like Shen Yanxiao attend the purple class while his daughter had to make her way up from the red class

Was it easier to bribe the Herbalist Divisions head

In any case, since the headmaster had already stated his stance, Shen Yue did not dare to say anything else.

The headmasters impression of Shen Yue took a dive when he hinted at shortcuts.

“Alright, these are the materials for your daughters admission.

Please take them and have a look at them later.

I shall arrange for someone to take Shen Jiayi to the dormitories shortly.” It was apparent that the headmaster was annoyed.

He had never encountered anyone who would dare to take shortcuts in the academy.

The Vermilion Bird family Theyre simply too unreasonable!

Despite the ugly expression on Shen Yues expression, he could only agree to it.

Shen Yanxiao secretly laughed as she stood at the side.

It looked like Shen Yue was still as brainless as before; he even dared to bribe people from the academy.

Everyone knew that the teachers there were as unyielding as a rock.

They advocated for ones talent and strength, and it was their lifelong pursuit to discover potential students.

As for a bribe, was that something that they could eat

Shen Yanxiaos mood lifted when she saw Shen Yues gloomy appearance.

Shen Jiayi stood obediently at the side as she did not dare to make any mistakes in front of the headmaster.

However, she had the same thoughts as her father; how did Shen Yanxiao ended in the purple class

Suddenly, there was a knock on the headmasters door.

A purple-robed Qi Xia walked in with a lazy and comfortable smile on his handsome face.

Even his movements had an air of nobility, like a cat with imperial blood.

The moment Shen Jiayi saw Qi Xia, her eyes nearly popped out, and her maidens heart pounded wildly.

Where did that handsome youth come from His good looks were comparable to Shen Siyu!

If Shen Siyu was a gentle and flawless jade, then the beautiful young man in front of her was a dazzling sapphire.

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