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Chapter 465: Two Handsome Men Singing amid the Green; A Crowd of Handsome Men Soaring into the Blue Sky (1)

Shen Yanxiao could not wait to find an excuse to leave once they sent Shen Jiayi to her dormitory.

Shen Yue and his twins were not too fond of her anyway, and the feeling was mutual.

Why would she stay there to induce more hate between themselves

Shen Siyu left with Shen Yanxiao as well.

He cared more about how Shen Yanxiao was doing than Shen Jiayis enrollment.

Shen Jiayi would usually pester Shen Siyu to stay with her.

However, she did not do that, perhaps it was because she had seen a new handsome face.

It was the image of Qi Xias smiling face that spun in her head.

Everyone thought it was odd when she no longer bothered about Shen Siyu.

Shen Siyu and Shen Yanxiao left the Magus Division and strolled down the avenue in the Saint Laurent Academy.

“Well, it looks like she had finally made her way here.

Just dont come to the Magus Division so often.

It was a good thing that you are not in the same division as her, so I dont have to worry too much about her bullying you.” Shen Siyu was worried about Shen Yanxiao when he looked at her thin and frail frame.

Shen Jiayis hatred toward Shen Yanxiaos would never be diminished.

He did not want to see her bully his little sister again.

Bullied By Shen Jiayi

Shen Yanxiao sneered discreetly.

She knew that she could crush that idiotic boy-crazy worthless girl in no time at all.

“Brother Siyu, dont worry.

I can take care of myself.” How could she call herself Shen Yanxiao if she could not sort out a spoiled kid

It would be in Shen Jiayis best interest to be sensible enough not to provoke Shen Yanxiao.

However, if she chose not to be, Shen Yanxiao would not show her any mercy.

Shen Siyu smiled and looked up to the beautiful blue sky.

“You have grown and changed so much that I am less worried now.” After he said that, Shen Siyu took a clear and translucent crystal ball from his interspatial ring.

The crystal ball was the size of a thumbnail, but it came with absolute delicacy and purity.

“You must be careful whenever I am not with you.

Keep this Star Bead with you for the time being.

I wanted to give this to you before you came here but I was delayed.

Fortunately, I can get it to you today.” Shen Siyu placed the Star Bead in Shen Yanxiaos small hand with a smile.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the crystal-clear Star Bead in her palm.

She could sense the warmth that flowed into her body.

“What is this Star Bead for” Shen Yanxiao could tell that the Star Bead was not a simple item, and it must have been a precious treasure.

Shen Siyu answered, “Its nothing special.

However, if you are in any kind of danger, you can just crush it with your hand and it may just serve you well.” It was an ambiguous reply and it filled Shen Yanxiao with doubts.

“Thank you, Brother Siyu.” Shen Yanxiao did not press him with more questions, and she accepted the gift with a broad smile.

Shen Siyu would never mean her any harm.

Shen Siyu patted Shen Yanxiao on her head.

“Youd never have to thank me for anything,” he gently said.

A trace of guilt flashed past his gentle and warm eyes.

However, it had disappeared just as quickly before anyone could detect it.

While they talked, a lazy voice suddenly interrupted them.

“Shen Jue, are you not going to introduce us” Qi Xia appeared in the blink of an eye.

He stood under a tree not far from them.

He was leaning against the tree trunk with his arms folded across his chest.

Bright rays of sunshine reflected onto his body from the gaps amongst the leaves and it created a surreal view.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned for a moment.

Did that person not snuck away with the excuse that his mentor had asked for him Did he not have some errands to run during that short period

“My name is Shen Siyu.

You must be the third young master from the Qilin family; I have heard so much about you.” A hint of smile blossomed on Shen Siyus gentle face, and it was as delightful as the spring breeze.

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