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Chapter 471: Potions Made by Great Herbalists (1)

Magic Wolf had to think for a moment before he said, “I dont know what other information I could give you.

Everything had happened so suddenly, and it caught every one of us off guard.

When the villagers barged into our rooms, most of them had normal weapons like hoes and sickles.

However, they were exceptionally strong.

There was also no pattern to their attacks.

It was as if they only wanted to come and tear us apart as soon as they saw us.

Initially, we were afraid to use our full strength as we did not want to hurt them if it was only a misunderstanding.

However, no matter how hard we tried to persuade them, it was as if they could not hear us, and they only wanted to kill us.”

That night had been a nightmare for them.

When Magic Wolf closed his eyes, he could still vividly see everything that happened in his mind.

He took a deep breath.

“When we fought back, we were at a disadvantage.

Those people acted like they were not afraid of death.

Even when we used magic and swords to strike them, they did not slow down, even for one bit.

It was as if they could not feel any pain.”

It would be hard for anyone to escape unscathed when faced with a group of lunatics that feared no death nor pain.

Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups successful retreat came at a great cost.

Shen Yanxiaos eyebrows furrowed.

Everything Magic Wolf had told her made her feel even stranger about what had happened.

Villagers who displayed different actions in the day and at night.

The odd riots and the crazed actions seemed eccentric to Shen Yanxiao too.

Shen Yanxiao could finally understand the strange expressions on the seven wolves when they saw her.

They had not set out for a mission, but a personal favor instead.

They had suffered that catastrophe while they were on their way to find the Skeleton Flower she had asked for.

Since she was the initiator, it was only natural that they would feel uneasy around her.

“How is your leader” Shen Yanxiao could understand their state of mind, and she was not bothered about it.

They suffered such a tragic loss because of her affairs.

It would have gone against her principles if she let the matter be.

When she asked of Du Lang, the six wolves faces clouded even more.

“We have asked for a doctor to come and check on him.

We were told that he had suffered severe internal injuries, and he also had blood clots.

It would take a large amount of medicinal ingredients and potions to clear his blood flow.” The wolves wore such sorrowful emotions on their faces.

Du Lang was the backbone of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, and he had been wounded and in a coma for their sake.

None of them could feel at ease while their leader was still unconscious.

Without Du Lang as the leader, the morale of Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had dropped.

“What kind of potions does he need Maybe I can come up with a solution.” Shen Yanxiao was not a medical professional, but she might be able to help with some potions.

Magic Wolf named some advanced potions which could be bought even though its price was expansive.

Du Lang also needed a bottle of potion that only a Great Herbalist could make.

Only a few of those could be found in the Longxuan Empire markets, let alone the Black City.

Everyone would fight for a bottle of potion made by a Great Herbalist.

That potion would never even have a chance to hit the market.

While the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group did enjoy a high status in the Black City, they did not have the strength to hoard potions made by a Great Herbalist.

One bottle of potion made by a Great Herbalist would easily cost a million gold coins.

That price tag was out of the mercenaries league.

They could only get some advanced potions if there were a need for one.

“What is the name of the potion made by a Great Herbalist I might be able to obtain that.” Shen Yanxiao bit her lips.

Du Land was in such a predicament because he tried to help her, so she would never let Du Lang stay unconscious like that.

She would help him, no matter the cost.

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