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Chapter 476: Two Adorable Animals (3)

As years passed, the glorious god race and the mighty demon race had become nothing but legends.

Nevertheless, the formidable forces had left behind some indelible marks on ancient battlegrounds.

Just like Mount Kuluo, the Graveyard of the Sun was off-limits to humans.

There were hardly any humans who would set foot into the Graveyard of the Sun.

Du Lang had gone through many troubles but only acquired little information about it.

“Can you tell me about the village that you were in” Shen Yanxiaos mind was disturbed by Du Langs explanation about the Graveyard of the Sun.

Even though the two mighty forces were long gone from the world, they had left many permanent traces behind.

Even the people in Brilliance Continent found it difficult to forget about the battles that happened so long ago.

No matter how strong a race was, they could never escape the ravages of time.

In the face of time, all things were insignificant.

“That village was not far away from the Graveyard of the Sun.

At first, we were surprised when we discovered that village.

Not many humans would want to live near ancient battlegrounds.

When we entered that village, I paid meticulous attention and carefully observed the villagers there.

I realized that they were unsophisticated, and they did not even exercise any vigilance against us, a group of outsiders.

They were quite hospitable too.

I observed for one whole day, but I did not see anything out of place or any signs to indicate that it was all an act.

Therefore, I decided to let the group stay and rest there.” Du Lang heaved a loud sigh.

His misjudgments had forced the disaster onto the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

Shen Yanxiao listened quietly.

She had found out about the location of the Skeleton Flower.

She would have to pay a visit to that place, no matter the consequences.

“Brother Du, can you give me a map to the Graveyard of the Sun I want to go there tomorrow.”

“You want to go to the Graveyard of the Sun” Du Lang widened his eyes as he wondered if he had misheard her.

“Huo Xiao, dont you understand The Graveyard of the Sun is far too dangerous.

Look at what happened to us, and we were not even that close to the location.

Who could tell what would happen when you are really in the Graveyard of the Sun!” Du Lang tried to talk Shen Yanxiao out of that plan.

That village was located midway to the Graveyard of the Sun, so Shen Yanxiao would go through that village if she wanted to go there.

That was where the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups nightmare had started.

The last thing that Du Lang wanted was for anything to happen to Huo Xiao while that kid was there.

“I dont know why you wanted the Skeleton Flower, but we can think of other ways.

There must be other places with the Skeleton Flower in the entire Brilliance Continent.

Just give me some time.

I will ask someone to look for it in a couple of days.

Do not mess with your own life.” They were a group of nearly a hundred members, and they had suffered such a setback there.

It would be too risky if Huo Xiao were to go there alone.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

“Brother Du, dont worry.

I have my ways.

Besides, I wont be alone.

My friend here will come with me.”

Du Lang looked at the Vermilion Bird beside Shen Yanxiao with astonishment and complicated feelings.

That kid was even younger than Huo Xiao, so how could he help Huo Xiao if they were in a bind

Du Lang wanted to say more, but Shen Yanxiao looked as if she had made up her mind.

She would not budge, no matter what Du Lang and the other six wolves said to her.

There was no persuading her.

Du Lang had wanted to send some less-wounded mercenaries from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group with her, but Shen Yanxiao had kindly declined that offer.

The average mercenaries would not be able to offer much help at the Graveyard of the Sun.

Besides, Shen Yanxiao had her unique skills.

With Vermilion Bird and Xiu, she would have a higher chance of survival, no matter if she wanted to ascend to the sky or descend underground.

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