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Chapter 493: The Bitter Life (1)

Shen Yanxiao boiled with anger.

At that rate, even if they could break free from that place, the tournament between the academies in the Longxuan Empire would have begun by then.

She would not have the chance to win when she could not even participate in that tournament.

If she were not the champion, she would not be able to obtain a territory in the Forsaken Land.

Without that, she would not be able to fulfill Xius grand plan of breeding demons, and that would mean Xius cultivation would slow down.

Finally, it would mean that she would not be able to undo the Seven Star Moon Seal any time soon!

That was enough cause for a fit of rage.

“Xiu, could you do it quicker” Shen Yanxiao wanted to burst into tears.

She had made plans, and that magical array would screw things up for her.

She was almost free from that incomprehensible seal, but who would have thought that they would meet with another hurdle at that critical juncture

Good heavens, it was not the time for jokes!

“I will try my best.” Xiu did not give her a guarantee that he would be able to do that.

Shen Yanxiao looked up to the ceiling with speechlessness.

At that moment, her mood was more bitter than the bitter gourd.

However, what was done could not be undone.

She would just have to focus on cultivating those three plants with her batter aura and magical power.

She hoped that Xiu would be able to shorten that time to less than two months.

Otherwise, she would have to kiss that territory goodbye.

Shen Yanxiao felt awful.

Little did she know that there were other people in a tighter spot than she was in.

The Vermilion Bird hovered above the Graveyard of the Sun, and he was stupefied.

He was on the verge of losing his mind as he looked at the piles of rocks with no living soul in sight.

“Shen Yanxiao! You godforsaken woman! Where the hell are you Come out!!” The Vermilion Bird was out of his wits.

They were there in search of something, so how did he lose his master

The contract between a magical beast and their master was permanent, and nothing could sever the mental link between them.

Unless she was no longer in the Brilliance Continent, the Vermillion Bird should be able to sense her mental energy even if she was buried thousands of meters underground.

However, the Vermillion Bird could not even sense Shan Yanxiao, let alone to contact her.

It was something that a magical beast would feel if they were in a different continent than their master, or if their master died.

Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird had only parted for less than half a day.

Even if she were to fly, she would not have been able to drift away from the Brilliance Continent.

The second possibility alarmed the usually heartless Vermilion Bird.

His master was shameless and audacious, but she was still his master, nonetheless.

How could he stand to lose her What the hell had happened

The Vermillion Bird could no longer follow Shen Yanxiaos previous order for him to stay alow-profile. He extended his arms, and two colossal fire dragons flew out of his hands.

The two dragons obeyed the Vermillion Birds instructions and flew high above the Graveyard of the Sun.

Their potent fire elements cause tremors in the area.

Both light and dark elements that had already existed there reacted strongly to the fire elements.

The three elements were intertwined, causing a large-scale earthquake that spread across the Graveyard of the Sun.

A hundred meters underground, some men in black robes were sorting out some papers in a cellar.

The next moment, the quakes disturbed them.

“What is going on”

“Someone has broken into the Graveyard of the Sun!”

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