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Chapter 504: Alarming Research (3)

“It is not easy to infuse blood from other races into the human body.

Many of the subjects died from the experiments.

The villagers here were the ones who survived the rejection phase.

However, they did not preserve many of the traits from the race that they were infused with.

Old Ba has dragon blood in him, but he only possesses their bodys strength and toughness.

He cant release any of the dragons power.

Ah Ke is blessed with speed and agility, but he cant connect with plants like the elves do.

Therefore, neither of them is perfect.”

Uncle Nine lowered his eyes.

There seemed to be bitterness on his face.

“Those people would usually destroy the failed results from the experiments.

But I didnt have the heart to see them die, and as a condition to help them with the experiments, I told them to send them to live in the village instead.

I told them I would manage those who failed the experiments and use them to guard the entrance to the Graveyard of the Sun.”

Then, Uncle Nine raised his head to look at the Vermillion Bird and Shen Yanxiao.

“You must have thought it was strange that the villagers here act so differently when it was day and night.”

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

“Theyve cast the Bewitching Spell on them.

In the day, the villagers are no different from normal people.

But at night, they will look for strangers.

Once they spot them, they will hunt them down like animals.

Unfortunately, I have no control over this.

That group of mercenaries was very fortunate as most of them managed to escape.

Some of them were so badly injured that they were beyond help.

Four mercenaries were in a better situation, so I brought them back.

I planned to let them leave after theyve recovered.”

“Previously, I told you to stay in my house because it is the safest place in the village.

The villagers wont harm anyone there, even at night..”

When she heard that, Shen Yanxiao feared for herself.

It was fortunate that she remembered to cover her presence with the Moonlight Necklace before they left Uncle Nines house.

Since the Vermillion Bird and the little Phoenix were mythical beasts, the villagers would not harm them anyway.

The villagers would have surrounded her when she stepped out of Uncle Nines house had she not worn the Moonlight Necklace.

“Uncle Nine, since you once were one of those people, why would this guy come here and murder the villagers” Shen Yanxiao looked at Uncle Nine with confusion.

The handsome young man had shown no mercy in his actions.

If it were not for the fact that she and Vermilion Bird arrived in time, Uncle Nine would have died by then.

Uncle Nine lowered his head.

“When I left those people, I promised them that I would never let anyone into the Graveyard of the Sun.

They would see it as a dereliction of duty if that were to happen.

They would send someone here to slaughter everyone here,” Uncle Nine said.

“That is utterly cruel!” Shen Yanxiaos furrowed her eyebrows.

They had used an extraordinary method to sneak in during a chaotic moment.

If some mighty warriors were to force their way into the Graveyard of the Sun and the villagers had not been able to fight back against that, would they think that Uncle Nine had failed to fulfill his obligation

That was unfair!

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