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Chapter 507: Begging for Tender Care (2)

“What is he doing!” The Vermilion Bird glared at Uncle Nine as he pointed at the young man who had acted adorably with his master.

The mythical beast was so angry he almost wanted to breathe out fire.

Uncle Nine had not expected that, either.

He had a complicated expression on his face.

“Well… I think he is suffering from memory loss.” Uncle Nine had mixed feelings about that.

He thought that he would have to fight against the child he had raised, but the devilish killer had suddenly turned adorable.

“Memory loss” Shen Yanxiao was troubled when she looked at the handsome young man, who had smiled so charmingly at her.

It was a good thing he did not want to kill them, but what should they do with him

“I dont know if this is temporary, but Xiao Feng is displaying his true nature.

He is not a bad kid.

He just lacks a sense of security.” Uncle Nine felt a rush of feelings when Xiao Feng changed to a completely different person.

Even though the killing machine had turned into an adorable young man, the people at the Graveyard of the Sun would not let the village off the hook that easily.

Uncle Nine planned to bring the villagers away with him.

They could hide somewhere far away and continue with their life as long as their enemies did not find them.

Shen Yanxiao felt ashamed and uneasy as the village got into trouble because of her.

Besides that, the villagers knew nothing about the outside world.

They had spent their lives in the lab and then the village.

While Uncle Nine understood a thing or two about the Brilliance Continent, he had not left the village for a long time.

They were lucky they had survived for so long, and they still had to face an uncertain future.

Their livelihood was still a big conundrum.

On the one hand, Shen Yanxiao was not a devout religious believer.

On the other hand, she had her own principles in the way she conducted herself.

“Since you are looking for a place for a fresh start, why dont I provide you with one” The villagers were not ordinary human beings.

If they were to live with the public, it was likely that their uniqueness would incur more questions.

Shen Yanxiao had her own plan.

She was to participate in the inter-academy tournament as soon as she got back to the Saint Laurent Academy.

If she were to win the competition, she would get a piece of land in the Forsaken Land.

That was a place far away from the residences of other human beings.

It was also a place where they would have to live with the demons.

It might be a restricted area, but it seemed like a proper place for the villagers to flourish.

“But I am not too sure of it right at the moment.

Anyway, take this map.

Take the villagers to this place and find the person in charge of the casino.

Give him this token, and he will arrange a temporary residence for you.

When I have a definite answer, I will come and collect everyone.

What do you think”

Shen Yanxiao handed the crystal stamp with the wordPhantom to Uncle Nine.

Yang Xi had made that stamp.

Each of the five Phantom members had one, and there were only five in the entire world.

The stamps represented each of the five members.

She could not step away from the troubles that she had created.

Xiu had wanted her to win a piece of land in the Forsaken Land to breed demons anyway, and the villagers were not the average humans.

At worst, the villagers would just have to live with the demons they breed.

Uncle Nine was utterly astonished by Shen Yanxiaos proposal.

He could tell that Shen Yanxiao was not an ordinary kid.

Even so, he did not expect to hear those words from her.

A child, who looked like they were 13 or 14 years of age, claimed that they would take all the villagers in!

No other ordinary person could think to do that!

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