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“Lord sage, is the Vermilion Bird in here” Shen Jiayi gulped, and traces of fear emerged on her face as she looked at the cave that surged with heat.

She knew that the people from the God Realm were all very benevolent, so she decided to deliberately act shy and pitiful as she stood by the sages side to win his favorable opinion.

The sage looked at her and nodded.

“The Vermilion Bird is inside, but theres no need to worry.

Its currently dormant and would not injure anyone.”

After they completed all the preparations, they finally stepped into the pitch-black cave.

Eighteen god envoys had split into two teams, with one group to clear the path in front of them, and the other to guard the back to prevent any untoward incidents.

The god envoys that led the way promptly released the light crystal in their hands as they stepped into the cave.

Light crystals were a type of special item that could be used to provide light, and they only required a magus to pour their magic into it.

After which, they would be released to float mid-air to produce a weak light and served as torches to light up the surrounding areas.

Along the way, dozens of light crystals had illuminated the dark cave.

It was only then that they noticed the dark red light that flickered on the wall of the cave.

Those thin red marks looked similar to lava buried deep underneath the ground and emitted a weird gleam.

It was like countless of blood-colored vines had extended throughout the whole cave.

Shen Yanxiao walked behind everyone, and her large eyes looked across those strange marks.

She could vaguely detect a very faint yet odd smell.

It was somewhat sweet, yet fishy, but she could not understand the smell.

The pitch-black cave extended endlessly.

As time passed, they could no longer see any scenery when they looked back to the entrance of the cave.

They could only see the light that radiated from the light crystal.

“How long more do we have to walk Its getting hotter in here.” Shen Jiawei was afraid and walked carefully beside Shen Jiayi.

Even with the protection of the ice silk armor, he could still feel the increasingly unbearable high temperature.

Beads of sweat seeped from his forehead, and his face was flushed.

Other than Shen Yanxiao who could not train in magic or battle aura, Shen Jiaweis strength was the weakest in the group.

He could no longer bear the heat that was produced by the Vermilion Bird with his current strength.

“I dont know.

We should reach there soon.

Bear with it for a while longer.” Shen Jiayi also felt uncertain.

As she looked at her brothers flushed complexion, she was suddenly curious about that idiots condition in such a hot and unbearable place.

As she turned to look at Shen Yanxiao, she expected to see a face drenched with beads of sweat and a look that screamed exhaustion.

However, Shen Yanxiao seemed perfectly fine.

There was not a single bead of sweat on her unattractive face, let alone a face soaked with sweat.

Wasnt that weird Even she, who was about to break through to the sixth rank, felt hot in there, but why was there no anomaly with that idiot

In terms of magic and battle aura, the difference between the fifth and the sixth rank was huge.

Even though Shen Jiayi had trained to the fifth rank, she could not wholly withstand the high temperature because she had not advanced to the sixth rank.

Only Shen Yifeng was completely unaffected by the heat as he had already successfully advanced to the sixth rank and was currently a level three swordsman.

So, what was wrong with Shen Yanxiao She was clearly trash who was incapable of training, so how could she seem more relaxed than them

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