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Chapter 513: Inter-academy Tournament (3)

“Dean Ouyang, I heard that you signed up for all seven divisions in this competition” The head of the Magus Division had obtained some information.

However, only headmasters from six divisions were there.

The seventh division must be the Warlock Division.

Yet, everyone knew that the warlock was a profession that had withered.

While the Saint Laurent Academy still had a Warlock Division, they had not had a single student in years.

That was why they could not understand why Ouyang Huanyu would sign the Warlock Division up for the competition.

“Yes.” Ouyang Huanyu nodded.

“But we dont have a delegate from the Warlock Division.” All of the headmasters had questions about that.

They still harbored prejudice and resistance against the Warlocks.

They did not understand Ouyang Huanyus decision.

“Be patient.

Well, no other academy has warlocks with them either.

We can just skip the first few matches as long as our representative arrives before the final round.” Ouyang Huanyu said with a smile, but there were uncertainties in his eyes.

Before they left for Blizzard City, he had tried to get an explanation from Yun Qi.

However, the latter had insisted that his student would participate in the competition.

However, Ouyang Huanyu had not seen that student yet.

Not even Ouyang Huanyu could say for sure if Yun Qi would let his student attend the competition.

Ouyang Huanyu granted Yun Qi favorable treatment because he wanted to let Yun Qis student into the spotlight.

That student might be the most promising warlock in the Brilliance Continent since he had the opportunity to learn curses from Yun Qi, a powerful Warlock.

Ouyang Huanyu believed that the reason the student was not there was because Yun Qi was protective of him.

He did not know that Yun Qi was also anxious to know about where his student was.

Ouyang Huanyus words did not entirely convince the headmasters.

They did not believe that a warlock apprentice would be there to represent the Saint Laurent Academy.

However, it was not their place to question the principals decision.

“The preliminary contest will begin tomorrow.

Tell the students to rest well and not sully the good name of Saint Laurent Academy while they are here.” Ouyang Huanyu waved them away after a few more words.

As they left Ouyang Huanyus room, the headmasters of the Magus Division, Priest Division, and Knight Division were quite happy with their prospects in the competition.

The other three headmasters, however, looked sullen.

“Xie Yun, you have Meng Yiheng in this competition.

Why do you look so worried” Luo De asked Xie Yun, who looked depressed.

Xie Yun forced a smile.

“Meng Yiheng… Alas, I was hoping for the other student to represent the division.

However, that kid seemed to have vanished since two months ago.

Otherwise, I would have him compete against Meng Yiheng in the tryout to see who is better for this.” Xie Yun felt that it was a pity he did not get a chance to see Shen Yanxiaos progress.

Luo De was surprised to hear that.

He patted Xie Yun on his shoulder.

“We are in the same situation.

I also dont know where our Shen Jue has gone to.

We dont have another worthy candidate to represent us.”

It was so bothersome that a student would go missing so frequently.

The headmaster of the Swordsman Division suddenly turned around and left with a complicated look on his face.

“What is going on with him I heard the superstar in his division is back.

Shouldnt he be all cheerful like those three old guys” Luo De was baffled as he looked at the lonely silhouette of the headmaster of the Swordsman Division.

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