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Chapter 518: Inter-academy Tournament (8)

“Do not make a fool out of yourself when you are so ugly.

People who dont know you might think that they had met a ghost at night.” Shen Yanxiao spat those poisonous words out of her lips.

Shen Jiayi might not be the most beautiful woman in the continent, she was still an attractive young lady, and she knew it.

Of course, she could not stand such verbal abuse.

She bit her teeth in anger and turned toward Tang Nazhi.

She pulled his sleeve and pitifully said, “Brother Nazhi, look at him! He is bullying me!”

Finally, Tang Nazhi snapped back to his senses.

Other than Shen Jiayis complaint, it had bothered him when the kid mentionedpublic display of affection.

What a joke! Yes, Tang Nazhi, enjoyed the love of beauty, but he was a romantic, not a pervert.

Nothing had happened between him and Shen Jiayi!

Tang Nazhi wanted to explain, and at the same time, he thought it was unnecessary to defend himself to a stranger.

He had complained about the recent evil days and lost to the other three brutes in a lucky draw.

Nobody knew how but Shen Jiayi had managed to tag along to the competition as well.

She had been all over Qi Xia.

However, when she saw Yan Yu, Yang Xi, and Tang Nazhi, three breathtakingly handsome young men, she had immediately lost her mind.

She could finally indulge in a little fantasy called,so many pretty boys, which one should I choose.

She did not realize that none of them took her seriously.

They did not drive her away because she and the other mean girl were from the Vermilion Bird family.

The four did not have a clear idea of the relationship between Yan Jiayi and Shen Yanxia.

Since Shen Siyu and Shen Yanxiao seemed to be close, they thought Shen Jiayi and Shen Yanxiao were on good terms as well.

They adopted a positive attitude when they had to take care of that stupid Shen Jiayi.

Even though she thought wrongly, Shen Jiayi was full of herself.

She misread the signals and believed the four boys were interested in her.

She wandered around them like a princess.

She would continuously flirt with them too.

There was a world of difference between Shen Jiayi, who was always obsessed with boys, and Shen Yanxiao, who would always stay composed.

The four were speechless about that.

How could two girls from the same Vermilion Bird Family be so different

So annoyed by Shen Jiayis badgering, the four decided that they would draw lots to decide which one of them would go and suffer the torture of being with this Shen girl.

They were annoyed with Shen Jiayis constant presence, and thus they had decided to draw lots to see who should keep her company.

Tang Nazhi had been the unfortunate one that night!

Tang Nazhi was responsible for keeping that boy-crazy girl away from the other three young men.

He thought he could wander around the streets with Shen Jiayi to keep her out of trouble.

He did not foresee that she would be the one to incite the problem.

That young magus was not a good person as well.

He wanted to flirt with Shen Jiayi because he was attracted to her looks.

She had complained to Tang Nazhi and even cried some fake tears to gain his sympathy.

Tang Nazhi did not want to hurt Shen Yanxiaos feelings, so he stood up for Shen Jiayi.

He did not know that others would interpret that as apublic display of affection between him and Shen Jiayi!

“What That was not affection!” Tang Nazhi glared at this kid.

He would be out of his mind to display affection with that stupid woman!

Shen Jiayi tried to utter some words.

She did not know why Tang Nazhi was so angry.

Anyway, it looked as if Tang Nazhi was about to teach that kid a lesson.

Shen Jiayi continued to pretend that he protected her because he admired her.

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