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Chapter 519: Inter-academy Tournament (9)

“Brother Nazhi, you must teach this nasty boy a lesson.

You must make things right for me!” Shen Jiayi shed some crocodile tears.

Tang Nazhi glared at her.

He could not stand a woman who would speak so coquettishly all the time.

Oh, how he missed that Shen Yanxiao! She was also a girl, but he had never seen Shen Yanxiao act like a spoiled kid.

He had become so used to Shen Yanxiaos tough girl act.

Compared with her, he did not get along well with Shen Jiayi.

“What You can do it, but too afraid to admit it” Shen Yanxiao raised her chin as she stared at theevil couple.

“Knock it off.” Tang Nazhi was unable to refute her.

He could not let Shen Jiayi lose face in public.

After all, she was Shen Yanxiaos cousin.

He could not be rude to her even if he disliked her.

“If you want me to shut up, fine.” Shen Yanxiao squinted and went on unhurriedly.

“Fight with me.

If you win, I will take back my words.”

Tang Nazhi was surprised.

He did not foresee the kid would want to fight him.

Shen Jiayi was over the moon.

“You brat! Do you really want to compete with my Brother Nazhi You That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! My Brother Nazhi is an Advanced Swordsman.

A piece of garbage like you will not be able to survive one move from him.”

“Oh How would you know if we dont try it” Shen Yanxiao casually said.

She had undone the fourth seal.

When she removed the Bewitching Spell, she was almost certain she had reached the advanced level as a warlock.

She wanted to find out what would happen when an Advanced Warlock competed against an Advanced Swordsman.

“Fine, I will accept your challenge.” Tang Nazhi immediately agreed.

He would rather fight with someone than to stroll around aimlessly with that stupid Shen Jiayi.

However, his opponent seemed weak, as if he could not even stand against the breeze.

He might not be able to take much beating.

Well, Tang Nazhi would just have to prolong the fight so that he could send that Shen Jiayi away!

Shen Jiayi was thrilled.

She was sure that Tang Nazhi adored her!

He had fought in two fights in a rowfor her He must have cared about her!

Shen Yanxiao sneered.

“Sure, we can fight.

If I were to lose, I would shut my mouth.

But, if I win, dont you have to do something as well” she added.

Shen Yanxiao curled her lips.

She reached out a hand and pointed to Shen Jiayi.

“I want her…”

“What” Tang Nazhi was taken aback.

He did not see anything good in Shen Jiayi.

Why did he run into so many boys who would fancy that idiotic girl Did the people in Blizzard City have no standard at all

Shen Jiayi was surprised as well.

Then, she pretended to look abashed.

Discreetly, though, she was delighted with how the boys loved her appeal.

“I want her to draw a turtle on her face.” Shen Yanxiao took a long pause before she finished her sentence.

“What” Tang Nazhi blinked.

He found it hard to digest his opponents request.

Shen Jiayi turned pale.

She thought that the guy coveted her beauty.

It turned out he had wanted to draw a turtle on her face!

“You! Brother Nazhi, just beat him up! I will agree to his terms.

Just beat him up!” Shen Jiayi boiled with anger when the young boy humiliated her.

Shen Jiayi felt no pressure at all.

She was convinced that the helpless boy would never be able to defeat Tang Nahzi.

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