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Chapter 520: Inter-academy Tournament (10)

Since Shen Jiayi had agreed, Tang Nazhi could not refuse the fight.

Then, the drums rolls of battle were heard in the temporary fighting arena again.

The on-lookers seemed excited.

The people at Blizzard City were very competitive.

Apart from joining fights in the arena, the crowd loved to watch other peoples challenges as well.

The competition maniacs blood would surge when they hear about the Two battles in a row.

The only flaw in that otherwise perfect arrangement was that the little guy in the fighting arena did not seem to have any combat ability at all.

He looked to be about 13 or 14 years old, and he was scrawny.

Nobody had any confidence in him.

On the other hand, Tang Nazhi was handsome and unrestrained, and he had a different bearing.

He had a tall figure but a strong physique, and he was an Advanced Swordsman.

Such talent could easily overwhelm his peers from the same generation.

His previous opponent, the young magus, had been quite talented as well.

He must have been at the peak of the intermediate level.

However, he was no match for the strength of an Advanced Swordsman.

That young kid did not look as if he could even defeat the young magus.

How could he have the courage to challenge that Advanced Swordsman

The crowd wondered if they should applaud his bravery or lament his stupidity.

Tang Nazhi stood across Shen Yanxiao and stared at the strange kid.

The longsword in his hand dangled at his side.

He did not seem as if he wanted to initiate the attack.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

Then, she took out Clemance from her interspatial ring.

The dark purple longbow was revealed to the public.

The darkness of the night seemed to have added a veil of mystery to that bow.

The dark purple bow had many glistening demonic cores embedded into, and it glared against the background of lights.

“This guy is an archer” Someone had speculated Shen Yanxiaos profession based on her weapon of choice.

Swordsmen and knights were most likely to win in a fight in the arena.

Not only could they launch a strong offense, but they excelled in defense as well.

Archers and magus were usually more vulnerable in the fighting arena.

Those two professions needed to keep a distance to prepare their strikes to inflict harm on their opponents.

Archers and magus would enjoy exceptional advantages in open areas like the grasslands or forests with dense trees.

They would be able to make long-range attacks on those who could only fight in close quarters.

There was no such advantage for the archers or magi in a small space like the fighting arena.

Archers could be very agile, but they would not have much room to show their full potential.

Archers were also weak in defense.

If their enemies were in close-range, it would be difficult for them to counteract the attack.

Any advantages that they might have had would be lost.

The temporary fighting arena was less than ten square meters, which was too small for an archer to play to his abilities.

The opponent was also a swordsman who had strong defense and offense.

Once Tang Nazhi moved closer to the archer, the battle would have ended almost instantaneously.

No one liked Shen Yanxiaos odds to win that bow.

They did not think that an archer would be able to defeat a swordsman in an arena.

Unless the archer were at a higher level than the swordsman, otherwise, he would never prevail.

However, when Tang Nazhi saw Clemance, a surprise glint flashed in the depth of his eyes.

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