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Chapter 521: Inter-academy Tournament (11)

Why did that bow seem so familiar Tang Nazhi remembered the first time he went to the Archer Division to observe a competition, and a student had used a bow that was stunningly similar to that one.

The only difference was that there were no magical cores nor demonic cores in Shen Yanxiaos bow.

Since that bow had many demonic cores in it, Tang Nazhi thought he had made a mistake.

Shen Yanxiao had dared to use Clemance because she was convinced that the simple-minded Tang Nazhi would never realize that she had added demonic cores in her bow.

The archer and the swordsman were in a stalemate.

The on-lookers studied the bow Shen Yanxiao held in her hand.

They could not tell what was so special about the bow.

Even the demonic cores embedded in the bow were cheap ones.

Demonic cores were usually added onto weapons for practice.

Very few people would use demonic cores on their personal weapons.

Besides, there was not much of a glow to Clemance.

Nobody would view the bow as some artifact.

They thought that the unattractive kid was from a poor family, and that was why he could only use practice weapons.

On the other hand, the longsword Tang Nazhi had in his hand was exceptionally sharp, with a large eighth-grade magical core in the handle.

Everyone knew that Shen Yanxiao was at a disadvantage.

A skinny little boy with a broken bow against a handsome and stunning Advanced Swordsman with a sturdy longsword—even an idiot could tell that the former had no chance of winning.

The on-lookers thought that the match would be a dull one.

There was nothing to see as it was obvious who would win in that fight.

“Since you are younger, you may make the first move.” Tang Nazhi did not want to take advantage of his strength to bully other people.

His opponent was young and had an average weapon with him, so he decided to make a concession.

He did not do it for some noble reasons.

He only wanted to prolong the fight for as long as he could.

He would rather fool around with the kid than to cater to that spoiled girl, Shen Jiayi.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and looked at the confident Tang Nazhi.

“Really Then I will gladly oblige.”

“Be my guest.

Enjoy!” Tang Nazhi said readily.

Shen Yanxiao took out her quiver and tied it to her belt.

She drew an arrow and notched it on Clemance.

A wicked smile curled on her lips.

A stupid fellow with brawns and no brains at all; what a pushover!

No one thought that the kid could inflict any harm on an advanced swordsman with that weak bow.

Not even Tang Nazhi thought that would happen!

How could those small arrows hurt an intermediate magus, let alone an advanced swordsman

Nobody noticed that as soon as Shen Yanxiao notched her arrow, magical powers had concentrated on it.

Whoosh! The arrow flew from Clemance at lightning speed toward Tang Nazhi.

The arrow was discharged so quickly that no one saw it.

They only noticed a silver shadow had flashed across the background of the lights!

Tang Nazhi had relaxed his vigilance.

At that moment, he felt the force from the arrow as it flew toward him.

He turned and leaped away to dodge the arrow.

Everyone thought that the arrow would miss its target.

However, another silver shadow flew past faster than that previous one.

The second arrow hit the bottom of the first arrow with stunning accuracy.

The impact caused the first arrow to turn and chase after Tang Nazhi as he tried to dodge from its path!

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