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Chapter 525: Inter-academy Tournament (15)

Tang Nazhi felt depressed.

He was even more depressed than anyone else.

As he looked at his irritating friends who had a curious expression on their faces, he could only sigh and answer, “If I said that I had a fight with someone else and the winner drew a huge turtle on Shen Jiayis face, but I had lost, would you believe me”

The trio looked at each other in dismay.

Even though they often teased each other, they were well aware of Tang Nazhis strength.

No swordsman in their academy could defeat him, and there were also no more than a few from the same age group throughout the Longxuan Empire who could have stood against Tang Nazhi!

“Which deity have you provoked again” Qi Xia said with a smile.

Tang Nazhi glanced at him and whispered,” Erm… if I say that the person who fought with me might very well be Xiaoxiao, would you believe me”

His friends looked at him in shock the moment he said that.

“Are you saying that you fought against Xiaoxiao” Qi Xia raised his eyebrows.

Tang Nazhi rolled his eyes at him and said, “Please use the words comparing notes! Am I someone who would randomly fight with others”

The trio used their expression to convey their response—Yes!

Tang Nazhi felt like he wanted to vomit blood.

“Recount the fight to us and let me analyze it,” Qi Xia said with a smile.

So, Tang Nazhi narrated the fight in full detail.

Qi Xia touched his chin and looked at the depressed Tang Nazhi thoughtfully.

“You meant that you had a fight with someone to protect Shen Jiayi, and as a result, the person you fought might be that little brat, Xiaoxiao.

And, she defeated you” Qi Xia could practically confirm that his opponent was Shen Yanxiao, based on her usual behavior.

Shen Yanxiaos match against Wan Li in the Archer Division had wowed everyone with her archery skills, and that fight remained fresh in his memory.

If there were anyone in the world who could display such amazing archery skills, that person would undoubtedly be Shen Yanxiao.

Furthermore, based on Tang Nazhis recount, that arrow did not hit him, and it had merely grazed past his face and left a little scar.

When Yan Yu treated his wound, he had noticed a slight trace of corrosive magic remnants that only warlocks possessed.

Coupled with his previous situation where he could not move his finger, there was a high chance that he was inflicted with a curse.

Within the entire Brilliance Continent, only the brat who had gone missing for two months would have the capability to wield a bow and cast curses.

“Well, I didnt know she was Xiaoxiao!” Tang Nazhi felt very wronged.

If he knew the person was Shen Yanxiao, how could he have fought against her

“I dont think that was the main point.” Yan Yu looked at Tang Nazhi with an odd gaze.

“Ah” Tang Nazhi stared at Yan Yu with a confused look.

“Well, if she was really Xiaoxiao, based on her understanding of you, she had always regarded you as an unqualified herbalist.

But from todays reunion, she found out you had used a swordsmans skills to fight…” Yan Yu dragged his words until it gradually stopped.

However, that had left a chill deep in Tang Nazhis heart.

So, he went into a completely shocked mode.

Yan Yus words were like a punch on his head, and it left his mind in a buzz.

A dramatic encounter like that would most probably only leave one message for Shen Yanxiao.

That message was,Tang Nazhi is a despicable and shameless liar!

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