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Chapter 527: Inter-academy Tournament (17)

“What the heck! They did not even come to console me nor take revenge for me!” Shen Jiayi angrily shouted as she jumped down from the bed.

Shen Jiawei sat on the chair, and he was helpless when he saw his sister reveal her real personality.

No one knew Shen Jiayis ability to change her expression better than Shen Jiawei.

All her tears and grievances were to get the attention of those men.

When Qi Xia and his two friends went to look for Tang Nazhi, Shen Jiayi had already instructed Shen Jiawei to prepare a bath so that she could wash the filth on her face.

Then, she ordered him to stand guard outside her room and inform her the moment they returned so that she could prepare her act.

Unfortunately, while she had prepared well, the male leads were on strike and disappeared on her.

Shen Jiayi gnashed her teeth in anger.

Shen Jiawei looked at his sisters ugly expression and whispered, “Sis, father told you to approach the third young master from the Qilin family…”

“I know!” Shen Jiayi rolled her eyes in annoyance.

The Vermilion Bird Family was likely to fall into Shen Yanxiaos hands, and Shen Yue did not want his children to degrade themselves if they had to submit to that trash.

After he noticed his daughters interest in Qi Xia, Shen Yue had expended great efforts for Shen Jiayi to get close to him.

Shen Yue had managed to get his kids on the name list for the inter-academy tournament through some underhanded means.

He wanted Shen Jiayi and Qi Xia to familiarize themselves during the academy tournament period.

However, something unexpected had happened, and three other beasts had appeared in front of her, so she was dazzled by their attractiveness.

She began to fantasize that she was a gorgeous woman loved by thousands and secretly regarded their care and concern for her as a result of her charm.

She no longer solely pestered Qi Xia and, instead, continued to hover around the four friends as if she could not decide between them.

Shen Jiawei was worried when he saw Shen Jiayis unrestrained behavior toward the four handsome young men.

Even though Qi Xia and his friends treated them well, he felt that they were always very polite.

Furthermore, he could detect that none of them had any fondness for Shen Jiayi.

Unfortunately, Shen Jiawei did not have the courage to point that out to his sister, and so he could only listen to Shen Jiayi.

“Im annoyed, so you better leave now.

I am going to sleep.” Shen Jiayi felt upset and chased her brother out of the room.

Then, she blew out the lamp and covered herself with the quilt.

Shen Jiayis mind was filled with the four mens handsome appearance, and she slipped into dreamland as she indulged in her fantasies.

A petite figure stealthily opened Shen Yanxiaos window in the dead of night.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes in the darkness and stared at Shen Jiayi.

She had not left after she finished her chat with Tang Nazhi; she concealed herself among the dense crowd.

It was one thing to teach Tang Nazhi a lesson, but if someone were to rob or launch a sneak attack on him while he was inflicted with a curse, then it was not something she could accept.

She stayed hidden for a while longer and ate more than a dozen steamed buns while she tried to keep Tang Nazhi safe.

Her stomach was already bloated when Qi Xia and his friends went to Tang Nazhis rescue.

As the streets bustled with noise, Shen Yanxiao did not hear their conversation.

After they left, a certain little brat, who had so many bad ideas, secretly trailed behind their backs.

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