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Chapter 530: Inter-academy Tournament (20)

It would be expensive to transform a ruined city abandoned for thousands of years into a prosperous one.

Furthermore, one would require money and workforce to clear the demons there.

The Longxuan Empire was not the first empire to give away a city in the Forsaken Land.

There were also tournaments with a similar prize in different countries in the Brilliance Continent.

For thousands of years, despite the numerous tournament champions who had brought manpower and resources to the forbidden area, only three of them managed to establish their forces there.

It was easy to imagine why one would think thereward was awful.

Except for the mighty families from various empires, no one would dare think about the Forsaken Land.

As a result, only families with substantial resources would dare to invest their gold in that barren land to increase their influence.

One could count the number of families in the Longxuan Empire with such courage on two hands.

Naturally, the five great aristocratic families were included in that list.

In addition to that, there were another three to four aristocratic families who had the same wealth.

As for the others…

There was no need to think about them.

Of course, if a simple student could win the championship, then many factions would extend an olive branch to support them in developing the Forsaken Land.

Three cities in the Forsaken Land belonged to the humans, and one of them was the champion of the Wind God Alliance tournament.

He was from a commoners family, but he relied on his exceptional talent to defeat his opponents to get the championship.

Furthermore, he had support from one of the four largest mercenary groups in Wind Good Alliance.

They had forked out a countless amount of gold and employed tens of thousands of mercenaries before they successfully broke ground in the Forsaken Land.

As for the lords in the other two cities, one of them was from the Blue Moon Dynasty, and the other was from the Seventh Kingdom.

The Longxuan Empire had no affiliation with any of the cities.

The emperor of the Longxuan Empire could no longer remain calm when three countries had already laid their foundation in the Forsaken Land.

He had looked forward to exceptionally talented youths to raise his empires flag in the Forsaken Lands!

As minutes and seconds ticked by, the colossal stadium eventually was filled with crowds.

The students from each academy sat together.

They were dressed in their uniforms, and they even had their academys badge pinned onto their chest so that the crowd could easily tell they were from which school.

The various influential families had taken their seats, but no one had represented the five great aristocratic families.

Except for the Vermilion Bird Family, the other four families young masters had already obtained their qualification for the tournament.

Some of them even gossiped the reason the Vermilion Bird Family had no representative there that day.

However, most of the onlookers were disinterested with the gossip of the five great aristocratic families that day.

Their only interest was to identify the champion of the tournament.

Since the previous winners could not establish their standing in the Forsaken Land, the emperor promised the new champion with unconditional economic assistance from the Longxuan Empire to establish themselves there.

That was an enormous sum of money, and everyone would be greedy for that!

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