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Chapter 532: Inter-academy Tournament (22)

Would she have a killing god, who had merged seven different powers into himself, participate in the tournament

A massacre scene with a river of blood and a fight to the death suddenly swirled Shen Yanxiaos mind.

If that were to happen, she believed she would not be the champion of the inter-school tournament.

Instead, she would be the target of the entire Longxuan Empire!

“Theres no need for that.

I can do it myself,” Shen Yanxiao said with a serious tone.

The Vermilion Bird and Lan Fengli turned around obediently, but there were several gazes from the people around them.

No one would look twice at Shen Yanxiao and Yun Qi, but the Vermilion Bird and Lan Fengli had notable appearances.

Shen Yanxiao had wanted them to wear a disguise, but the Vermilion Bird refused to budge.

Lang Fengli acted as if she had mistreated him when he saw the mask in her hand.

Shen Yanxiao could not bear to do that to him.

Finally, she agreed for them to head out in their own look.

The delicate Vermilion Bird, the handsome and fair Lan Fengli, and the incredibly adorable Little Phoenix instantly struck the hearts of all female creatures around them.

Burning gazes kept their looks on the three of them.

If it were not for Yun Qi, the esteemed old man by their side, those female creatures would have already rushed to them and ravaged them a few hundred times.

Soon, the seats around them started to fill up as more people arrived at the stadium.

A moment later, the bell rang to indicate the start of the tournament, and the noisy stadium immediately silenced.

An old man in long robes walked to the center of the stadium.

As he looked at the silent crowd around him, he said, “This years Longxuan Empires Inter-Academy Tournament will begin soon.

During the next few days, young talents from various academies will engage in intense battles for themselves and the academies they represent.

It is not only about your personal honor, but your entire academys as well.

After the tournament starts, the venue for each professions matches will simultaneously hold ten competitions for the preliminary round.

It is the survival of the fittest where the winner would proceed, and the loser would be eliminated.

The preliminary round is divided into six stages, and ultimately, the top five contestants from each profession will be selected to have a rematch amongst themselves.

After the rematch, the most outstanding contestant from each profession would be selected to participate in the final round.”

Six major professions, six preliminary rounds, and 360 competitions would have to occur before they could get the qualifications to enter the final round.

The tournaments intensity was on a different level, and all the spectators in the venue had to hold their breath.

They looked forward to the great and exciting matches and hoped that it would begin as quickly as possible.

“Without further ado, would all contestants please come onto the stage to draw your lots.

There will be two different sessions for todays tournament, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Contestants who had no matches today are allowed to leave the stadium.”

Then, the participants entered the venue and went to their various professions areas to draw lots.

Shen Yanxiao propped her chin as her gaze swept across the dense crowd before she found four familiar silhouettes.

On the Magus stage, Qi Xia stood rather still as he lazily narrowed his eyes.

Yan Yu quietly waited for his turn at the Priest area, and he looked quite indifferent.

It was as if he was not there for a fight.

Yang Xi was in the Knight section.

He had his hands crossed, and his tall and slender figure stood out among the crowd of students.

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