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Chapter 534: Inter-academy Tournament (24)

Qi Xia had always behaved lazily.

He did not even display his full strength when he had his class allocation examination.

“Teacher, do you know at which stage a magus can cast magic without chanting” Shen Yanxiao suddenly recalled Qi Xias strange behavior in the class allocation examination, and she was suddenly curious about it.

Yun Qi furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Without chanting A magus skills would require a short chanting period, but skilled teachers can shorten the chanting time.

However, probably only a Great Archmagus like Ouyang Huanyu can cast magic without chanting.”

Great Archmagus

Qi Xia was a Great Archmagus

Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes as if she could not believe it.

A sixteen-year-old Great Archmagus

It was no longer about whether he was a genius or an abnormal person; he was basically a god!

Even though Qi Xia was powerful, Shen Yanxiao did not think he could rival Ouyang Huanyu.

He could not be a Great Arch Magus; it was impossible!

Since she could not get any leads from the no-chant issue, Shen Yanxiao decided not to think about it.

The tournament had begun right at that moment.

The stadiums 360 arenas started in full swing when the bell rang.

Dazzling magic flashed continuously in the Magus arena; they were similar to brilliant fireworks that looked gorgeous.

In the Swordsman arena, sword auras shone like rainbows, and furious animal-like shouts accompanied by the friction of swords resounded throughout the venue.

As for the Archer arena, arrows descended one after another like rain, and the contestants agile silhouettes formed as they scurried in their attacks.

The magi, swordsmen, and archers battles were exceptionally intense as if bloodshed could happen at any point in time.

Compared to them, the knights and priests battles were much quieter.

However, none of those fights affected a certain someone in the arena.

Qi Xia stood lazily in the arena with a beautiful staff in his hand.

He looked frozen to the spot as if he had no intention to launch an attack.

The young magus opposite Qi Xia was from an average academy.

When he realized that his opponent was the genius magus, Qi Xia, he nearly screamed to the sky, “Oh, heavens, why do you tease me so”

Qi Xia remained motionless, and that young magus followed suit.

Even though he was the top student in his academy, it was merely an average school.

If he were to enter the Saint Laurent Academys Magus Division, he might not even make it onto the top ten list.

Furthermore, his opponent was the top student from Saint Laurent Academys Magus Division, Qi Xia.

As time went by, the people who focused on Qi Xias match felt restless at a standstill, and so they shifted their attention to other matches.

Qi Xia acted as if nothing was wrong if he did not attack or utter a single word.

His behavior caused his opponent to feel so anxious that his body was covered with cold sweat.

He had such a famous opponent that the young magi had to withstand such immense pressure.

He was prepared to be instantly eliminated by Qi Xia, but that beast remained motionless for so long that his adversary was surrounded by fear and tension.

That was even more cruel than if he were to defeat him!

The young magi felt like he wanted to cry when Qi Xia remained motionless and did not attack him.

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