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Chapter 535: Inter-academy Tournament (25)

He did not want to run to Qi Xia and asked him to hit and abuse him.

‘Come on and hit me! Please hit me! I beg you; please hit me!

Those please played out in the young magis mind hundreds of times.

Finally, Qi Xia moved!

He moved!

A charmingly evil smile blossomed on the corner of his lips as Qi Xia slowly raised his head to look at his nervous opponent.

“Are you afraid” A dull voice echoed from Qi Xia.

The young magi nodded stiffly.

Qi Xia quirked his lips and spoke with a charming voice.

“Yes, I like to fight with those who are afraid.”

Before he completed his sentence, a Blizzard spell immediately covered the entire arena.

In the blink of an eye, the nervous and fearful young had turned into a block of crystal clear ice while he stood upright.

The audience who waited for a good show turned speechless.

Shen Yanxiao also had no words.

Third Young Master Qi Xia yawned and looked at the transfixed referee.

“Have I won”

The referee looked at Qi Xia with a widened mouth.

The young man was in perfect condition, and then he looked at thatice sculpture that glistened under the sun.

He gulped, and with great difficulty, he said, “Saint Laurent Academys representative, Qi Xia, has won.”

Qi Xia leisurely walked down the arena and left the venue as horrific gazes concentrated on him.

All the spectators felt as if they wanted to flip the table.

Was that a joke

Had the match ended just like that

Qi Xia had won the match in ten seconds!

There was not a single chant; he merely waved his staff lightly and then…

Had he won

Was that an effort to fool the crowd Everyone wanted to complain about it!

Even though the Blizzard spells visual impact was shocking, the duration was too short, and most of the crowd had no time to react before the match had ended.

Some of them did not even notice that Qi Xia had waved his staff and chanted!

“Xiaoxiao, did you ask me that previous question because of this kid” Yun Qi narrowed his eyes as he looked at Qi Xia.

He had associated Shen Yanxiaos question with that kid, and he could confirm that her question was about Qi Xia.


Teacher, do you think that hes a Great Archmagus” Shen Yanxiao had no intention to conceal anything, and so she asked a direct question.

Yun Qi pondered for a moment before he said, “This youths talent in magic is indeed shocking.

Even though Im not a magus, warlock and magus have the same origins that stem from magic.

I can sense the dense magic aura in his Blizzard spell, but I dont think he has the strength of a Great Archmagus.

Even though he is very outstanding, he has yet to reach a standard that could defy the heavens.”

Yun Qi analyzed Qi Xia based on his lifes experience.

“Even though hes not a Great Archmagus, his strength is near the level of an Archmagus, and it is only a matter of time before he advances to a Great Archmagus.

I didnt expect to see a youth with such shocking strength after so many years.

If I am right, he would be the one representing the magi in the final round.

You would have to face him then.

He is a powerful opponent, so youll have to be careful.

The explosive power of a magus is very strong, and since he does not need to chant, you might fall into his trap if you are careless.

If he could land an attack, he could kill you instantly.” Yun Qi was worried about Shen Yanxiao.

The progress of youths had far exceeded his expectations.

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