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Shen Yanxiao looked at the strange scene in the cave in astonishment.

Other than the calm and collected envoys from the God Realm, the other seven members of the Vermilion Bird Family were in disarray.

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei clung to the attendant as they shrieked miserably while Shen Yifeng fanatically tried to dodge the cracks beneath his feet.

His previous elegant demeanor had utterly disappeared as his face turned deathly white.

“The Vermilion Bird is about to awaken.” Xius voice sounded from the inside of Shen Yanxiaos mind.

Cracking sounds could be heard during the commotion as fractures began to appear on the Vermilion Bird egg that had laid peacefully on the obsidian stone.

After that, blinding red lights shot out from the fractures.

As an intense heatwave engulfed the entire cave, the fiery-red light flooded everyones lines of sight.

No one else could see anything except for the color red and panic spread through their minds.

Fortunately, the blinding light faded after a short moment and gradually gathered at the obsidian stone.

In the blink of an eye, a flame ignited on the obsidian stone, and then it burned.

A fair little hand stretched out, and the flame seemed to be spiritual as it hastily converged and covered that hand.

It was as if a piece of flaming armor was fitted on that little arm.

As the flames gradually converged, a little boy of no more than three or four-years-old appeared in front of them.

Scarlet-red long hair flowed across his shoulders, and his delicate features were like heavens most outstanding works.

Even the most exquisite work of art was only less than one-tenth of that childs beautiful appearance.

The young yet exquisite face that would make everyone gasp in surprise had a pair of flame-like dazzling scarlet red eyes.

It was as if the child had no innocence in his eyes, only supreme existence.

The flames clung onto the little boys body like a flaming armor and accompanied him as he floated in mid-air.

Evidently, the boy had a small physique, and yet he displayed a proud and arrogant attitude as he hovered above them.

He sat cross-legged proudly, and he propped his chin with one hand as he overlooked at those dumbstruck humans beneath him with his scarlet eyes..

Shen Yifeng and everyone else was thoroughly stupefied.

They looked up at that extraordinary little boy, and had correctly guessed his identity in their minds.


They could not believe that the arrogant little brat was the rumored Vermilion Bird!

Where was the promised mythical beast!

“Foolish humans, do you know the consequences of disrupting my sleep” An eerie voice echoed from the little boy.

Even though his voice sounded like a small child, the temperature in the cave immediately increased after he asked the question.

The sudden jump in heat tormented Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei until they had to gasp for air.

However, they were afraid that the heat would cause harm to their bodies if they breathed it in, and so they had no choice but to cover their mouths.

The little boy haughtily swept another glance at everyone in the cave, and when he saw the beaming sage, he frowned.

“I hate your smile.” With a wave of his small hand, a wave of flames similar to a tide headed toward the sage.

Golden rays of light shot out from the sages hands and struck the incoming flames, and the collision produced a loud boom.

“The Vermilion Bird is truly as unruly as the rumors claimed.

I am the current sage of the God Realm.” The sages gentle voice sounded, and a loud rumble followed.

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