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Chapter 541: Inter-academy Tournament (31)

“Who knows Perhaps theyre afraid.

The warlocks are a shady profession, and there are people who would want to learn it What a joke!”

“If it were up to me, the warlocks or whatever they are called would have been long extinct.

Trash like them do not deserve to appear in the Brilliance Continent.”

“I heard that the Saint Laurent Academys Warlock Division is abandoned.

I didnt expect someone would be willing to learn.

However, are there still any instructors who are still alive.” Laughter ensued.

The discussion continued, and Yun Qis expression turned solemn as he hid in the crowd.

When did such comments and discrimination start

Ever since they discovered a few warlocks worked on a forbidden research, ever since the Brilliance Continent started a large-scale massacre of the warlocks, and ever since deans started to remove Warlock Division from their academies.

Those harsh voices had never once stopped.

Once upon a time, Yun Qi felt anger and despair in the face of those voices.

He had even chosen to live alone to avoid them.

However, he did not feel fear nor sadness that day.

The determined old man straightened his back and looked to the center of the stage.

He shall witness the rise of the warlocks once again.

He could listen to all the praises that the people would have for the warlocks.

He hoped that his disciple, Shen Yanxiao, could bring the warlocks back onto the worlds stage!

As the time for the finals approached, everyone believed that the rumored warlock would not appear.

Suddenly, the azure sky turned scarlet, and a huge shadow covered the stadium.

The temperature in the area gradually increased, and everyone finally noticed something was amiss as they raised their heads in doubt.

A vast scarlet flaming bird appeared in the sky, with its massive wings that looked like it could cover the entire stadium!

“What magical beast is that”

The huge flaming bird was reflected in everyones eyes.

Everyone was stunned when they saw such a large magical beast descended upon them so suddenly.

A red silhouette proudly stood above the flaming bird, and her long black hair fluttered in the wind.

Everyone present saw her exceptionally gorgeous appearance, and she looked like flames surrounded her.

Such unparalleled beauty! Her pale and flawless skin against the fiery flames looked so beautiful that no one could look away!

Everyone held their breaths.

The scene of a mighty magical beast with its beautiful owner that could cause the downfall of cities was forever imprinted in their minds.

“The Vermilion Bird!” Ouyang Huanyu looked at the flaming bird in the sky with surprise.

The four young men on the stage were also stunned as they stared at the massive bird in the sky.

“That is… the Vermilion Bird familys mythical beast” They were from the five great aristocratic families, and so they were knowledgeable about the other families mythical beasts.

Tang Nazhi could even identify it with only one glance.

“The Vermilion Bird has appeared once again, and who is that person standing on it” Yang Xi quirked his eyebrows.

Even though the young lady on the Vermilion Bird looked young, everyone was in awe with her aura.

Qi Xia remained silent, but the shock in his eyes was fleeting.

His lips curled into a faint smile.

The Vermilion Bird accepted everyones worshipping gazes, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a flame as it swooped down to the stage.

A ball of massive flame struck as a wave of screams exploded within the stadium.

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