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Chapter 545: Inter-academy Tournament (35)

Even though Warlocks had disappeared for many years, the rumors had never subsided.

The spectators might not have seen a real Warlock in a fight, but they all knew that it was hard for them to win in a confrontational battle against another profession.

Furthermore, Knights were a huge headache for Warlocks, who only specialized in control and curses.

Yun Qi was right, even though Knights did not have a Priests blessing to dispel curses, professions with no explosive attack power feared their strong defenses.

If a knight had a top-grade shield and spear, they would still be able to survive if they stood rooted for an hour.

Except for Magus with a high magic attack and strong explosive power, none of the other professions would be able to break their defenses.

Yang Xi was from the Azure Dragon Family, and they were reputable for the weapons they crafted.

They possessed the best weapon storage in the entire Longxuan Empire, and any random piece of weapon that Yang Xi equipped would make everyone drool.

Yang Xi had displayed astonishing abilities in his previous matches, and the scenes remained in everyones mind.

One was a young miss of the Vermilion Bird Family, and the other was a young master of the Azure Dragon Family.

Both of their backgrounds revealed that they had equal footing.

As far as their family history was concerned, both of them were even.

Yang Xi stood on the stage with a silver shield in his left hand and a long spear in his other hand.

Knights were the only profession that could utilize two weapons at the same time.

A shield with powerful defense could mitigate a certain degree of damage, and a long spear with a wide attack range could penetrate the opponents defense line.

Yang Xis weapons were of superior quality, and the magical core in his spear was from an eighth-ranked Fiery Wolf; the spear could inflict a burning effect on his opponent when hit.

As for the shield, it had an eighth-ranked magical core from a Shore Tortoise.

The core improved the shields defensive abilities by several notches, and it could even defend against high-leveled magical attacks.

In comparison to the two top-grade weapons in Yang Xis hands, Shen Yanxiao remained empty-handed.

Warlocks were the only unarmed experts among the seven professions.

They relied on their hands to form signs for their curses, and nothing else was more useful than that.

An expensive magical core was as useful as chicken ribs for the warlocks.

It was a match between the profession that could use the most number of weapons and the profession that would use the least.

Everyone waited in eagerness for the match to start.

No one believed that the shady Warlocks could win against Knights who were reputable for their defensive capabilities.

Everyone waited to see if Shen Yanxiao would make a spectacle.

Warlocks had disappeared for hundreds of years, and they were already in the deepest pit of despair.

No one wanted to see a Warlock win the tournament, and they would not believe that a Warlock could win, either.

Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi stood opposite each other on the stage, and both of them had isolated any background noise to the back of their minds.

“I didnt expect I would be the first one to compete against you.” Yang Xi found it funny.

He thought that she would compete against Tang Nazhi or Qi Xia.

He had not expected he would be the first one to meet her in a match.

“Its the same no matter who it is.” Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

Her objective was the championship of the tournament, so she would have to defeat them in turns.

“Just so you know, I wont be going easy on you.” Yang Xi smiled.

“Just give it your all, and itll do!” Shen Yanxiao smiled confidently.

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