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Chapter 547: Inter-academy Tournament (37)

Warlocks needed to make signs with their hands to cast curses, and it was merely a subconscious reaction to make a judgment call and complete the hand signs at the same time.

Only one percent of the population in the entire empire could accomplish that feat.

Yang Xi quickly recovered his stance from his failed attempt, but Shen Yanxiao had no intention to give up on such an excellent opportunity.

She immediately cast several singular curses on herself, and her petite figure flickered left and right around the stage.

Before the spectators had time to react, she had already approached Yang Xi.

Yang Xi reacted to her movements calmly as he swiftly slammed his spear against the ground.

He took advantage of the knockback to retreat the moment Shen Yanxiao approached him.

The distance between them had increased once again!

A Knights long spear had a wide attack range, and Yang Xi relied on that advantage to launch continuous attacks on Shen Yanxiao, and he aimed at her vitals.

Shen Yanxiao was quick to react, but no one could see the number of curses that she had cast.

She managed to dodge the torrent of attacks before she immediately countered them.

The two contestants had an intense fight on the stage, and all the spectators were attracted by the dust and smoke caused by their match.

They were so focused on the exciting battle that they no longer cared about their disdain for Warlocks.

“Thats how Warlocks cast curses Its so cool, and her speed is simply incredible!”

“That little girls response is too terrifying! How did she manage to dodge those attacks”

“A Warlock could even cast beneficial curses on themselves Arent all curses meant to cause detrimental effects”

“Oh, oh! Yang Xi has been hit!”

All the spectators were battle maniacs, and they would always love a good fight.

When they saw Shen Yanxiaos godlike casting skills, they were completely enamored by her hands speed.

Yang Xi launched his spear as a counterattack.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not dodge or evade.

Instead, she cast a Floating spell on herself.

Suddenly, her silhouette moved by a meter, and she managed to avoid the spearhead.

The very next second, she stepped onto the spearhead and forcefully sealed Yang Xis movements.

Shortly after that, she closed the distance between them as she walked on the spear.

She had managed to get to a range where she could cast a curse on him.

Yang Xi cried out in alarm, but it was too late for him to throw his spear away.

He looked on helplessly as an evil smile blossomed on Shen Yanxiaos beautiful face.

The next second, his limbs felt heavy as if he was doused in molten iron; his body felt as if it was held down by gravity.

When the time was right, she increased the speed of her hand signs to cast 17 to 18 curses on Yang Yi at the same time.

An odd scene happened next; Yang Xi fell to the ground before he was flown out of the stage.

Then he crashed some distance away from the stage, and the entire stadium was shocked into silence.

In the blink of an eye, the stadium exploded in cheers!

“Yang Xi has been eliminated!” Everyone stared at the stage in disbelief.

The previous fight had been in a stalemate, but Shen Yanxiao had managed to reverse that when she used the right curses to push Yang Xi away from the stage!

Furthermore, she had not used a single curse to bewitch her opponent in the entire battle.

She used her Warlocks skills to confront the enemy to obtain a perfect victory!

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