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Chapter 553: Inter-academy Tournament (43)

They wanted her to be the leader in Phantom Her That must have been a joke!

“Thats not funny.” Shen Yanxiaos felt her lips twitch.

Unfortunately, no one paid any attention to her weak resistance.

Yan Yu nodded as if in agreement and said, “Yes.

According to our agreement back then, Xiaoxiao is sufficiently qualified.”

Yang Xi shrugged his shoulders.

“I have no objections.”

Tang Nazhi was Shen Yanxiaos number one fan, so naturally, he would not object.

He nodded like a machine, and the only thing he did not do was raise all his limbs in favor.

Qi Xia looked around the table and smiled.

“Since everyone agrees, then we shall decide on that.

Xiaoxiao is now Phantoms leader.”

Shen Yanxiaos complexion turned green.

Did they not see that she was not interested in becoming their leader

One already needed to have a strong mentality to join Phantom.

If she were to be their leader, would she not be the king of the beasts!

When she thought about the dark future ahead, Shen Yanxiao stood up and stared at the four smiling beasts.

“My foot! I dont agree with this.

Im not interested in becoming a leader!”

However, the four beasts tried to persuade Shen Yanxiao.

“Theres nothing bad about being a leader.

You could justifiably enslave us.” Qi Xia gave up his dignity and tried to lure her with emotions and reason.

“Theres free food.” Yan Yu tempted her.

“Youll get to be the first to choose from our familys weapons.” Yang Xi used that reason as a bait.

“…” Tang Nazhis words had been snatched by the three before him, and so he only managed to squeeze something simple after a few long moments.

“I can be your punching bag.”

“…” Shen Yanxiao no longer knew what she should do with those four beasts.

It was like driving a duck onto a perch; she had somehow become their leader.

She did not want to become the king of the beasts!

Unfortunately, regardless of her resistance, the four beasts had already acknowledged her as their leader.

She Yanxiao could not win against those four beasts.

“Too bad, we are not allowed to summon our magical beasts in the tournament.

Else, theres no need for the battle.” Tang Nazhi leaned against the chair.

Magical beasts were irreplaceable in real battles, so they were prohibited in tournaments.

Otherwise, their mythical beasts would be enough to kill enemies from thousands of miles away.

“It was exciting to see Xiaoxiao appear in the venue with the Vermillion Bird today!” Yan Yu touched his chin as he recalled the sensation of that moment.

One might not get to see a mythical beast from the rumors throughout ones lifetime.

However, Shen Yanxiao had appeared with her mythical beast in front of the crowd, and she had managed to put everyone in shock!

Shen Yanxiao ate her food quietly with her head lowered as she decided not to react to those bullies!

“When the Vermilion Bird appeared, the Black Tortoise in my body was boiling with excitement.

If I hadnt forcefully suppressed it, I think it wouldve dashed out from my body.” Tang Nazhi patted his chest.

“The five mythical beasts were originally acquainted, and even though they currently served different masters, they are considered old friends.

It is normal to be excited to see an old friend, but the Qilin had also been quite aggressive,” Qi Xia said as he laughed.

Shen Yanxiao looked into the distance and pondered about it.

She did not know that there was such a connection between the five mythical beasts.

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