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Chapter 557: Inter-academy Tournament (47)

The crowd in the stadium anticipated the final round.

Would the powerful Magus win, or would the agile Archer take the lead What about the unwelcomed Warlock

The last three contestants would go on a 1-on-1 match.

Shen Yanxiao would compete against Li Xiaowei, and the victor of that match would have to fight Qi Xia in the final round.

Many people thought it was a weird arrangement.

The Longxuan Empire had always given preferential treatment to the magi, and they also had more magus in the empire than experts from the other professions.

Even though Li Xiaowei had managed to get into the final round, he had no familial background to support him.

The real target of the arrangement was Shen Yanxiao.

Even if the Inter-academy Tournament had accepted a Warlocks application to the competition, most of the organizers were unhappy to see a Warlock win the championship.

As a result, an unfair lineup was arranged.

The matches will be held in succession, and even if Shen Yanxiao were to defeat Li Xiaowei, she would need to exert a huge effort to win it.

She would not have time to rest; she would have to continue to fight Qi Xia.

It was apparent they wanted her to lose.

Even the spectators did not say anything about how unfair it was for Shen Yanxiao.

They also did not want to see a warlock win the tournament.

Therefore, many of them supported the arrangement.

“Wow, theyre openly biased.” Shen Yanxiao crossed her arms as she quietly listened to the announcement for the afternoon matches.

How could she possibly not notice the deliberate arrangement for the tournament

They wanted to pull her down, but due to the Inter-academy Tournament rules, they could not kick her out.

Therefore, they arranged another match for her so that Qi Xia would be in perfect condition when she fought against him.

No matter who won the first match, be it her or Li Xiaowei, they would have to face Qi Xia, who would be at his peak condition.

In that case, their chances of victory would be lessened.

It seemed like she was not the only person who was unwelcomed in the tournament; Li Xiaowei also received the same treatment as he did not have a good family background to support him.

After all, the champion would get a chance to develop a city in the Forsaken Lands, and the Qilin family was the wealthiest family in the Longxuan Empire.

Naturally, they were the most suitable candidate for the task.

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin, and a glint twinkled in her eyes.

How could she give in to their wishes when they used such a method to drag her down

“It is hard to reject such preferential treatment.” Qi Xia chuckled.

“Older people have worse physical strength.

Theyre letting you rest more in case you break your waist in the match.” Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows as she looked at Qi Xiao with an evil smile.

Qi Xia broke into laughter.

He was only sixteen years old, and she would call him old That little girl had such a poisonous mouth.

Li Xiaowei seemed to understand the motive of the arrangement, and his face darkened.

Even though Shen Yanxiao and her friends knew that he was from the Black Tortoise family, other people were unaware of it.

Otherwise, they would not have made such an arrangement.

“Dont be too heavy-handed with your attacks.

Hes Tang Nazhis brother, after all.” Qi Xia patted Shen Yanxiao on her shoulders and walked toward the resting area.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and went up the stage with Li Xiaowei under everyones gaze.

The two youths that everyone disliked vied for their right to get into the final match.

They would not give up so easily, even if others treated them unfairly.

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