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Chapter 558: Inter-academy Tournament (48)

Long-ranged attacks were an Archers advantage, and they could maintain it for an extended period.

Furthermore, their agility made it hard for opponents to approach them.

Swordsmen and Magus would benefit more from a fight against an Archer.

However, Shen Yanxiao was a Warlock.

Fortunately, she was also skilled in archery, and therefore, she knew about the Archers profession more than Yun Qi.

She had paid attention to Li Xiaoweis previous battles, and he was quite talented in archery.

He had good grasps of his accuracy and timing, and he was great in his attacks too.

His opponents would always dodge his first attack, but his subsequent arrows would always prove to be his victory blow.

If she fought against him as an archer, she estimated that she could end the match in less than half an hour.

However, she wanted to utilize her skills as a Warlock.

That meant that she would have to dodge the dense arrow attacks and keep up with Li Xiaoweis speed to get closer to him so that she could cast her spells.

As Shen Yanxiao thought of ways to deal with Li Xiaowei, he pondered the same thing about her.

Archers had an advantage against Warlocks, and that was a widely known fact.

Even though many people had a slight change in how they view the warlocks, their deep-rooted prejudice remained that they were reluctant to see Warlocks win the tournament.

Archers long-ranged attack was a massive problem for Warlocks, and so, they believed that Shen Yanxiaos good fortune would not last.

If a warlock wanted to cast a spell on their opponent, it had to be done within a specific range.

However, the attack range of an archer far exceeded a warlocks attacking range.

Therefore, Li Xiaowei could maintain his distance from Shen Yanxiao and expend her energy with his arrows.

Li Xiaowei had planned to do just that.

He immediately launched arrows at Shen Yanxiao when the match started.

Each arrow was a tricky attack, and she would get hit if she were slightly careless.

Shen Yanxiao hastily cast a Speed curse on herself to dodge the incoming arrows.

Archers were the fastest among the seven primary professions.

Li Xiaowei attacked her continuously to increase the distance between them.

He was confident he would win if Shen Yanxiao did not get the chance to approach him.

The users with battle aura users were much faster than magic users.

The essence of battle aura originated from their muscles and bones, while magic expended from ones mental energy.

Therefore, battle aura users had better strength, and that was an advantage of their profession.

That was why he had not expected Shen Yanxiao to be faster than him.

Even though curses could increase ones speed, the duration of the impact was too short.

It was practically impossible for her to close the distance between them.

However, Li Xiaowei soon realized that he had been too naive.

Shen Yanxiao sped up, and her petite figure transformed into a streak of light as she dashed toward him.

He was shocked and swiftly countered her movement.

Unfortunately, he was still a second slower than her.

A purple-colored mist enveloped Li Xiaowei, and he immediately released an arrow to drive Shen Yanxiao backward.

Shen Yanxiao retreated, but a smile appeared on her gorgeous face.

Just a moment ago, she had increased her speed to the extreme.

Even if it was for a short duration of five seconds, it was enough for her to approach Li Xiaowei and cast a singular curse on him.

She no longer needed to do anything after that.

Their distances increased again in the blink of an eye, but the light fog around Li Xiaowei did not disperse.

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