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Chapter 561: Inter-academy Tournament (51)

No one knew Qi Xias real strength, and he had only used a single move in all his other matches.

Shen Yanxiao could not gauge his actual ability based on his single attacks.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Qi Xia was no longer her friend; he was her opponent.

Qi Xia did not need to chant his spells, so he could immediately release an attack with a wave of his hands.

That was why he could cause so much difficulty for his opponent.

Shen Yanxiao would not be able to approach him for an attack.

Magus also had numerous spells that could reduce their opponents speed.

A single Blizzard spell was sufficient to turn Shen Yanxiao into a sculpture of ice.

No one believed Shen Yanxiao could win the match as they thought Qi Xia was overpowered.

Even a renowned expert might not dare to go against that young man, let alone a student.

“Start!” the referee announced.

Everyones attention was locked onto the match.

They wanted to see if the legendary super genius could stop that little Warlock in her tracks.

The moment the match started, Shen Yanxiao moved, and the speed of her hand signs dazzled the crowd.

They were curious.

There was a great distance between them, and she would not be able to land a curse on Qi Xia from where she stood.

What did she plan to do

However, Yun Qi knew what she had planned.

“Engraving! When did she learn the Engraving curse!” Yun Qis expression revealed astonishment as he murmured his doubts.

Yang Xi and Yan Yu, who sat by Yun Qis side, curiously asked, “Senior, whats the Engraving curse”

Yun Qi stared at Shen Yanxiao as he explained with excitement, “Engraving is a sixth-grade combination curse.

Its the highest grade curse that an Advanced Warlock could learn!”

Yang Xi and Yan Yu were confused.

Yet, Yun Qi was well aware of how incredible it was for Shen Yanxiao to use the Engraving curse!

It was a high-grade combination curse, and the degree of difficulty far exceeded all other combination curses.

The power of that curse was immeasurable.

Qi Xia stood on the stage and looked at Shen Yanxiaos continuous hand movements as a trace of confusion flashed in his eyes.

However, he did not intend to be stuck in a daze.

He raised his staff and shot a powerful attack at her.

Just as Qi Xia moved his hands, Shen Yanxiao had also stopped her hand signs.

She lifted her right hand slowly as if she wielded a staff, and her movements were exactly the same as Qi Xia.

“Whats happening Whats Xiaoxiao doing” Yang Xi looked at Shen Yanxiaos movements in shock.

She mimicked Qi Xias movements as if her actions were in sync with him!

“Engraving is a curse that could forcefully allow her to imitate the opponent.

As long as their level did not exceed hers by two levels, she could imitate her opponents moves,” Yun Qi explained nervously.

“The curse is that powerful” Yang Xi and Yan Yu were shocked by Yun Qis explanation.

A curse that could completely replicate an opponents attacks was basically a heaven-defying action!

However, they were not aware of how difficult it was to cast the Engraving curse.

Shen Yanxiao would have confirmed that the difference between their progress did not exceed two levels.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to activate that spell!

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